Coal Gas Power Plant by gasification technology

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The basic principle of POWERMAX’s coal gasification system(abbreviated as CGPS) is to convert coal into combustible gas . It is then used as fuel in gas engine to generate electricity. Coal gasification system is characteristic of small land requirement and environment friendly.

Our coal gasification process includes three steps. The First step is coal gasification, which convert coal into syngas. The Second step is syngas purification. The producer gas coming from gasifier usually contains contaminants including dust, coke, tar and etc. The contaminants will be removed by the purification system to ensure normal operation of gas engine. The Third step is power generating in gas engine. The high temperature exhaust gas may be reused by waste heat boiler to generate steam or hot water for civil or industrial use). Steam turbine may also be considered to make a gas-steam combined cycle power plant, which will increase the total efficiency.


This technology uses thermochemistry conversion method. With Powermax independent R&D technology, coal can be converted into electricity, heating or charcoal. Moreover, the coal can be turned into wealth and can be made full use of.

The basic principle of Powermax coal gasification power generation system is to convert the different types coal into gas, and use the combustible gas to drive gas generating equipment for electricity. It can take full advantage of the equipment’s compact-design and environmental-friendly features. Therefore, it is one of the most eco-friendly way for coal.

The process of Powermax coal gasification power generation includes three steps. The first step is coal gasification. The coal is converted into combustible gas. The second step is gas purification. The gas has impurities through gasification, including ash, tar, which should be removed with purification system in order to ensure the operation of gas power generator. The third step is gas power generation, which use gas engines(spark plug ignition type) for electricity generation, and the high temperature flue gas produced by the gas engine can heat boiler to get steam or hot water for residential or industrial use.

The Powermax coal gasification power generation system adopts modular design, which can be normally applied to power stations of 50-20000KW.


Technology Specification of TFCG series Coal Gasification Power Generation System
Rated Power(KW)5010020030040050060080010001200
Rated Frequency50/60HZ
Rated Voltage(V)220/400/440/6300/6600/11000/13800
Model of GasifierTFCG50TFCG100TFCG200TFCG300TFCG400TFCG500TFCG600TFCG800TFCG1000TFCG1200
Gasifier TypeTwin-fire Fixed Coal Gasifier
Coal Moisture Requirement≤20%(Wet Basis)
Coal Size RequirementDiameter 20mm-80mm; Length 10mm-80mm
Coal Consumption(Kg/Hr)50-100100-200200-400300-600400-800500-1000600-1200800-16001000-20001200-2400
Gas Production(Nm³/h)125-150250-300500-600750-9001000-12001250-15001500-18002000-24002500-30003000-3600
Ash Discharge TypeDry Ash Type/Wet Ash Type
Type of Gas PurificationDry Type Gas Purification System
Heat Value of Gas≥1200Kcal/Nm³
Gas CompositionCO 15-20%    CO2 8-12%    CH4 Up to 3%   H2 15-20%    N2 45-50%
Model of Genset50GFLS100GFLS100GFLS300GFLS400GFLS500GFLS300GFLS400GFLS1000GFLS400GFLS
Qty of Genset1 Set1 Set2 Sets1 Set1 Set1 Set2 Sets2 Sets1 Set3 Sets








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