calcium carbide electric arc furnace

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Price:RUB 13,691,920.80 - RUB 13,849,299.20
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Product Overview



calcium carbide electric arc furnace


EAF arc for a heat source to scrap as raw material for steel smelting general, high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel of various equipment for smelting. Its structure for the furnace cover Rotary Open Top feeding, torque motor electrodes automatic adjustment movements, large cross-section of water-cooled cables, furnace and the furnace cover upgrading Tilting rotation using hydraulic, electrical control by PLC PLC control, technology Advanced.


1,Main parameters

capacity1-5t,10-50ton,50-120tonmelting steel ,ferro metal,ore,DIR
functiondesign according required 
calcium carbide
red nicek ore
power1250kva 9000kva20000kva300000kva

1.11 Primary voltage of transformer:22KV

1.12 Secondary voltage of transformer:210V~104V

1.13 Secondary current of transformer:3440A

1.14 Cooling water pressure:0.3Mpa

1.15 Amount of used water:~16m3/h

1.16 Hoisting weight of furnace body ( include lining):8t

2,Equipment include

2.1 2t/1250KVA EAF mechanical equipment     1set  

2.2 2t/1250KVA EAF low voltage electric control   1set

2.3 Electrode automatic take-off and landing regulator (PLC control)


2.4 High voltage switch cabinet(22KV)          1set

2.5 1250KVA/22KV Furnace transformer             1set 2

Total Price:175000.00 USD FOB Shanghai

Note:The above quote is non-transport and installation costs.


3. Self-provide parts by customer

3.1 Electrode and its connector

3.2 Refractory material and making lining

3.3 Hydraulic system working media ( water—glycol ),water and compressed air.

3.4 Civil engineering, and precast unit and screw of equipment’s foundation.

3.5 The connecting pipes and lines for hydraulic oil,cooling water,air and electric.

3.6 To import high voltage power supply to the input terminal of high voltage switch cabinet and the primary side of furnace transformer by cable or copper plate, as well as to buy,lay and test the connecting cables ( copper plate ), it will be borne by the buyer.

3.7 To import low voltage power supply to the input terminal of low voltage control cabinet, and ensure its phase rotation and ground protection correctness, as well as the connecting lines that between the control cabinet and from the output terminal of control cabinet to the connection point of the equipment, all those will be borne by the buyer.


4. Installing and debugging

4.1 All the costs of seller’s experts go and work at abroad for return air tickets, accommodation and meals, will be borne by the buyer. The buyer shall compensate the experts at USD 150 per engineer per day for debugging period. After normal operation the seller should be responsible to guarantee repair or change of the faulty components in 6 months, such as master control board, reactor, compensate capacitor, hydraulic device, breaker, and furnace shell (except for lining break through, stoppage or shortage of cooling water supply for components).

4.2 The seller provide operational and maintenance training for buyer’s operational and maintenance people.


5. Customer service

5.1 The seller should supply the buyer the layout drawing and foundation indicating relative dimensions, as well as the technical documents relative to instruction to use and to maintenance process of equipment.

5.2 The warranty period should be 12 months from shipping date. During the warranty period, the seller should be responsible to repair or change the faulty spare parts of the furnace and accessory product, such as high voltage switch cabinet,low voltage control cabinet,transformer,hydraulic unit, etc. But, to transport,to install,to operate for the equipment that must be worked under normal working conditions, and except the easy loss pieces.

5.3 The seller supplied reserve parts to the buyer with preferential price at long term.


6. Price Duration: 15 days.

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