indium atomic structure,nano indium powder, 99.99 indium metal ingots

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Product Overview


Pure Indium Series - Indium Metal Ingot, Super fine Indium Powder



Indium Ingot (In 99.99%, 99.9995%, 99.99999%)

1. Typical purity 99.995% up, customize high purity 99.9999%

2. Wide range of usage such as alloys, special solder, coating, electronics and high purity indium, ect.

3. MOQ: 1kg



Product Description



1. Heavy density 9.75g/cm3.

2. Customized indium powder size 80mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 500mesh.

3. High purity virgin Indium metal 99.995% up.

4.Wide range of application like the transparent electrode(ITO film) ,solder in electronic

   industry, Low melting alloy, bearing for high performance engine , and the seal in low




Product Name Indium Metal
Appearance silver-white metal
Size/ Weight 500+/-50g per ingot
Formula In
Molecular Weight 8.37 mΩ cm
Melting Point 156.61°C
Boiling Point 2060°C
Relative Density d7.30
CAS No. 7440-74-6
EINECS No. 231-180-0
Properties soft and tetragonal crystal, has good ductility and plasticity




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Stick to High Quality Stansard 


Produced as per the China national Standard YS/T 257-2009. All our index is better than the standard.


Indium Ingot Specification

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Quality Management  

Technical process powder indium and Inspection



Rich Product Size


Diversifed rage of Indium Product in different purity, shape and particle size:


indium product range - indium ingot.jpg

 Indium Ingot  / Indium Powder / Indium Nitrate / ITO powder ITO Target / Indium Hydroixide/ Indium Trioxide


  • Metal Ingot purity 99.995%, 99.999%, 99.9999% 
  • Powder mesh 99.99% 50 mesh, 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh 
  • Nano Indium powder 99.99%
  • Indium Nitrate Hydrate 99.995%
  • Hydroxide and indium Oxide 99.99% ( D90 ) ≤ 20μm
  • Anhydrous Indium Chloride purity 99.99%


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Aboundant Indium Uses                                                                                                     


Rich terminal application of our high quality indium products: 


1. Indium powder is used in silicon solar cell and filling tooth material. 

2. Indium's current primary application is to form transparent electrodes

   from indium tin oxide(ITO) in liquid crystal displays and touchscreens,

   and this use largely determines its global mining production.

3. Indium is also widely used in indium film and indium wire, solder, s

   olar panel and nuclear reactor control bar.

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Packaging & Shipping


Safe Packing 


Packed in Plastic Vacuum Bag

We deliver in catton of small quantity and wooden cases in large quantity. 

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Continuous Service

Quality Guarantee: If any quality problems, free replacement will be adopted.

Technical Support: 24 hours technical support by e-mail or calling.

FAQ Email help: 2 hours in workday, 12 hours in weekend.Continuous service_.jpg


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We are your reliable source supplier of rare metals and specialty materials including: metal products

(Bi, Te, In, Ga, Ge), telluride compounds, sulfide, nitrate and chloride products. With updated precision

production equipments and skilled staff, we supplied high quality metals and chemicals to customer

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