Tellurium watch, 6N 7N TELLURIUM PRICES

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Product Overview


High Purity Tellurium Ingot


Tellurium Ingot Metal 99.99%, 99.999% [tellurium powder 100mesh 200mesh 325mesh 500mesh]

1. Purity: Te99.99%( 4N) up

2. MOQ: 1kg

3. Prompt Delilvery: in 1-3 days

Finished Te Ingot-2.jpgFinished Packaging of Te Ingots-1.jpg

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1 Quality guarantee Te 99.99% up based on China National Standard YS/T 222-2010. 

2 Good semiconductor material. 

3 The highest Hall coefficient with wide range of potential applications. 


Product NameTellurium Metal
Appearancesilver gray substance
Density6.24 g/cm3
Physical SizeLump, Granules, Powder
Molecular FormulaTe
Molecular Weight127.6
Melting Point449.51 °C
Boiling Point998 °C
Bandwidth0.35 eV
CAS No.13494-80-9
EINECS No.236-813-4


Details of High Purity Tellurium Ingot Metal 4N 5N 6N




Stick to China National Quality Stansard Tellurium  


Tellurium 4N is produced as per the China National Standard YS/T 222-2010. All our test results are better than the standard. The purity is 99.99% up.


COA of 4N Tellurium Metal [Assay Information of tellurum 99.99%]

Tellurium ingot 4n.jpg


Strit Quality Management


Meticulous process control: Inspection Lab and our Extraction Process 



Product Size


Diversifed rage of Tellurium Product in different purity, shape and particle size:

tellurium production line.jpg

Tellurium Ingot/Tellurium Crystal/ Tellurium Powder/ Tellurium Chloride/ Tellurium Dioxide


1. Tellurium metal ingot purity 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999% 

2. Tellurium powder mesh size 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 325 mesh, 400mesh, 500 mesh

3. Tellurium granules purity 99.99%, 99.999%

4. Tellurium dioxide 99.99% (D50 =1-5 micron), 99.999% (D50=1-5 micron)

5. Tellurium tetrachloride 99.99% shape powder, granular

6. Telluride Compounds purity 99.99%, 99.999% : Bismuth Telluride, Cadmium Telluride, Lead Telluride, Zinc Telluride 


tellurium product range.jpg


Rich Tellurium Usage 

Rich terminal application of our high quality tellurium products: 

1. Tellurium could be used as infrared detector materials, solar cell material, cooling material Ceramic colorant, compound semiconductor, alloys, casting coating, and Tellurium compounds, etc.

2. Tellurium is used widely in Thermal analysis sample cup, as rubber joined agent, TDEC, Casting Coating. Semiconductor Grade for cooling and semi-compounds industry. 

Tellurium applications9.jpg



Safe Tellurium Packing 


Step 1: Poly Vacuum Packing  →  Step 2: Bubble Wrap  →  Step 3: Caton Case  →  Step 4: Sealed Packing



About Us 


We are your reliable source supplier of rare metals and specialty materials including:

metal products (Bi, Te, In, Ga, Ge), telluride compounds, sulfide, nitrate and chloride


With updated precision production equipments and skilled staff, we supplied high

quality metals and chemicals to customer like you over 20 countries and regions. 


Our Tellurium Product Manufacturing Plant


Tellurium Production Line of Finery Process



· Independent Export License (No.: 01548086)


Why choose Santech as your strategic partner?


1. Manufacturing as per Chinese national Standards and ISO9001.

2. Your free engineer with unlimited technical assistance.

3. E-mail or calling support within 2 hours.

4. Free replacement if any quanlity problems.

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