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Golden Fount Xi-888 is a high concentrated fountain solution for alcohol free printing with perfect surface tension and viscosity. Xi-888 works well on all presses such as sheet-fed and rotary, and it is suitable for ctp plates.  Within the proper dasage, Xi-888 allows important reduction of alcohol contents, in favourable conditons running without alcohol is possible.                                                                                                                   


Strong buffer system, guarantees a stable pH value at the most favorable printing level.

Suitable for all water qualities, also treated water.

Hydrophilic substances protect the plate surface during machine stops. 

Optimal ink-water balance.

Good wetting of the plate also at high speed.

Eliminates bacterial growth of algae, bacteria and fungi in fountain solution circuit.

Low build up on the blanket and therefore long washing intervals.

In favourable condition, alcohol/IPa addition is 0%.                                                                                                   

Recommended addition:3-4%

Working Fluid Properties:

An addition of 3-4% dosage will give a pH value of 4.8-5.5 and  conductivity of 600-1000.                                                                      

Storage:  Avoid direct sunlight.


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20kg/plastic drum, 1 drum/carton.
25kg/plastic drum, 1 drum/carton.

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