HHO Agro kit for Tractors Plug N Play 12V

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Product Overview


Product Description

HHO Agro kit for Tractors Plug N Play is designed especially for diesel agro machinery. The HHO kit producing Oxy-hydrogen gas (HHO gas) on board to save you fuel, emissions and maintenance expenses.


How does it work?

We use the extra energy produced by the charging system of the Tractor to convert it to fuel called oxy-hydrogen (HHO) gas. Every single vehicle charging system has an extra energy resource, more than it needs.


Why it has more energy resource than it needs?

The engineers who designed the Tractor and its electrical system know already that you can install additional devices such as (lights on the back, front, fans, chargers for phones, tablets, heaters, coolers, invertors whatever), which needs power also. That is why they designed the charging system with 20-30% more energy resources. We use this extra energy resource to convert it from electrical energy to fuel. Fuel, which is made of water, called Oxy-hydrogen gas. Produced in ratio 2:1, 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen. This gas is fed to the engine via the air intake system to enrich the air-fuel mixture. 

As a quantity, the HHO gas produced by this system is a maximum of 3.0 liter per minute, but the energy it consists is huge.


What is technology?

By adding the HHO gas into the air-fuel mixture we have created a more efficient burning process. The HHO gas is a fuel, which burns very quickly, approximately 1800 times faster than the diesel fuel because 1/3 of the gas is 100% pure Oxygen, which is the catalyzer of the burning process and the Hydrogen itself is a very powerful fuel.  The speed of burning is extremely fast, so when the explosions are so fast the temperature in the cylinders is lower practically. Hydrogen, on the other hand, is a fuel, which has its abilities to help burn hydrocarbon fuels much more complete, respectively helps the diesel fuel to burn more complete and cleaner. Hydrogen is the only fuel, which does not have a carbon molecule. Both gases, makes the injected diesel fuel to burn more complete along lower temperature in the cylinders due to the faster explosions. Respectively the engine could work with the leaner air-fuel mixture, which creates more produced mechanical power and lower the emissions. 


What are the benefits of using the Hydrox System? 

1. Reduce your fuel bill by 20-30 %, imagine how much money you can save if the fuel is one of your major expenses in your business?! Calculate it, you can do it, even on a 20% basis of fuel-saving! How does it sound to you? 

2. Reduce emissions, you can pass any annual check-up in a matter of emissions like CO, CO2, NOx, smoke detection with opacimeter. Be responsible, we all looking for fresh air to breathe, now you have the real chance to reduce emissions by using Hydrox Systems.

3. Smoother operation-after the installation of the HHO kit in your Agro-machinery, carbon deposits will be burnt and removed over some engine parts, so the engine will run smoother. 

4. Fewer carbon deposits over parts like diesel nozzle sprayers, engine valves, piston rings, turbo compressor and its variable geometry, diesel particulate filter or catalytic converter, so if these parts do not have carbon residue you will save on maintenance of this engine. What if you have 10 tractors to maintain in your company or maybe more 20, 50?

5. Less wearing of the engines - when you have more cleaner-burning inside the cylinders, respectively you have fewer carbon particles in the engine oil as well, so there will be less friction of the bearings, crankshaft, piston rings, engine valves, and all movable parts. All this means longer life for your engines. Extending their life resource. The engines will work for you a longer time than expected. 

6. Regain performance of the engine- after many hours of operation only with diesel fuel the engine builds up some carbon deposits. These carbon deposits prevent the proper operation of the engine. The engine valves do not lay well or diesel nozzles do not inject the fuel properly, variable geometry does open and close to the maximum, or Diesel Particulate filter is already clogged by 50%. All these carbon problems prevent the normal operation of the engine, so the engine loses its dynamic parameters. After installation of the HHO kit to the Tractor, those problems will be minimized, just because there will be no more carbon deposits and the dynamic parameters will be restored. The system will keep the engine free of carbon deposits all the time. 

7. Keep your Diesel Particulate Filter clean - when system is feeding HHO gas at all the time when engine is running , the burning will be always complete and with less carbon  soot, so this would save you additional expenses to use any chemical additives to clean it, by cleaning mechanically by removing it, wash it and then put it back (which also waste time and labor) or even by replacing it with new one, which costs a fortune. All these make your tractor not operational, so when you use Hydrox System, thus problems would not occur so often. 


Why is called Plug N Play? 

Its called Plug N Play because we have installed the system in a metal box to safe of dust, rain, snow, direct sun rays, and any other meteorology conditions, respectively your system will be safe! 

Plug N Play also, just because we have done the installation for you like 90 %, so you can just find a space to mount the box, make sure it's attached to the agri-machinery with bolts and reliable metal plates because on such machines there is a lot of vibrations. Then attach the power supply wires to the battery of the vehicle, like all connectors you need are in the kit. 

HHO Agro kits Plug'N Play is easy to install in any tractor or agricultural machinery. It can be fit­ted to any diesel engine with­out any engine mod­i­fi­ca­tions or tam­per­ing of the fuel man­age­ment or elec­tri­cal systems. No com­puter soft­ware, pro­gram­ming, set­ting up, tim­ing or mix­ture adjust­ments are required to the engines ECU. 

Fuel-saving sys­tems have built-in: fully auto­matic start, auto­matic stop and auto­matic safety shut­down con­trol thanks to our Dynamic PWM for diesel 12V, which is included in this system.



Quick N Easy to install

High qual­ity components all Made in Europe

Fully auto­mated Ampere lim­iter built-in

No run on after shut­down

No backfire problems

Adjustable power ranges

Electrolyte level sensor with buzzer could be installed in the driver's cabin

More than 150 working hours with one refill

Fully automated


The HHO Agri kit is quipped with Dynamic PWM for a diesel engine to control the load (A) and the production of HHO gas depends on the engine RPMs. This is mandatory for full power management and optimization of the power usage from the HHO kit. There is a buzzer or diode installed in the driver's cabin to indicate when the system needs to be refilled.


Most Agro machinery makes approximately 300 working hours per month which is saving you a lot of diesel fuel! Count yourself how much is your monthly bill for fuel. Now calculate if you pay 25% less for example. What about if you have a fleet of machinery? 


Technical Data of the Dry cell


Dimensions of the HHO cell: 190 mm x 190 mm x 210 mm (incl. the connectors)

Voltage: 24 - 29 VDC (from vehicles battery) 

Material: steel INOX 316L SS

Configuration of the plates: - NNNNN + NNNNN - NNNNN + NNNNN -

(+ positive, N-neutral, - negative)

Amperage: vary 3 to 30 Amp

Working surface: 4394 sq. cm

Capacity: up to 3.0 liters gas per minute

The required ratio of the electrolyte (water-KOH): 5%-15%


The Plug N Play box includes:

Metal box with measures: H:600mm. X W:400mm. X D:215mm. 

with total weight of 30kg. 

#HHO Dry cell -1 pc.

#HHO tank/reservoir 6 liter - 1 pc.

#HHO bubbler - 1 pc.

tubing - 6m.


Red  6 sq.mm. - 3.00 m

Black 6 sq.mm. - 2.00 m   

Blue 1.5 sq.mm. - 3.00 m

fuse - 32 amps -1pc.

Inlet gas connector - 1pc. 

All electrical connectors

Installation instruction + scheme

Instructions for use
Online support via Viber, Whatsapp, Email or phone (English language only) 

Packaging & Shipping

We pack the HHO Agro kit system in a carton box and then we foil it with stretch foil, so in case there is some wet place, the system will be safe. For bigger orders than 3 pieces, we can fit few systems on a wooden Euro pallet with measures: 120 X 80 cm.
Depending on your order, we always try to optimize the weight and volume, cause this will save you cost on shipping, especially if you have chosen the Airfreight method for your delivery.
The number of machines and your requirement for the shipping makes different weights, based on that depends on the shipping price as well. 
We can offer any type of shipping, such as Sea freight, Airfreight, and Land shipping Cargo as well as courier shipping for small orders.
All parcels have traceable and we provide you the tracking number, right after the carrier picks up your order.  
We work with DHL, DPD, Transpress, Team Cargo, Aramex, UPS, etc. 
Based on your order, the exact address for delivery including postal code, we can estimate your shipping price. 

Our Services

Hydrox Systems is a company dedicated to providing you the best product, best service in a matter of communication, sales, after-sale service, shipping service, spare parts, online support via E-mail, Whatsapp, Viber


Company Information

Hydrox Systems is a company dedicated to research and development of the most effective and reliable systems with a desire to provide you the best quality in the world! We have done hundreds of tests in extreme conditions for all our systems. We have tested them in cold conditions at minus 20 degrees by Celsius, warm conditions up to 50 degrees by Celsius, pressure up to 6 bars, vibrational and crash tests to make sure of their durability and stability in real conditions. All these tests prove the best quality worldwide. Proven results exceeded over such required in this standard.
Our production slogan is The Best engineers + The Best materials + The Best ideas = Best product! All materials we use are Made in Europe or the USA and all of them have real certificates for quality and origin. We work with the best manufacturers and suppliers of components and materials, so we can provide all our partners and customers the best quality. Reliability in the future will prove what we do, that's why Hydrox Systems is a well-known brand when it comes to professionalism. 




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