Grade A dry and barren resistant paulownia tomentosa young tree for timber and forestation

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Paulownia tomentosa young tree




Paulownia Root cuttings:

1.Species: Paulownia Elongate and hybrid fortunei x tomentosa

2.cut from 1-2year plant


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6.Sample is available


Chinese   Paulownia roots and seeds( elongata & fortunei x tomentosa)

Paulownia Species

Paulownia   Fortunei x Tomentosa; Paulownia Elongata

Breed Routes

Root (Root   cutting; Rootstock; Root Stumps, Root Stems), Seeds

Requirement (Plant Better Paulownia Tree)


1. Ground water   level: more than 1.5m.

2. Soil texture:   permeablility or breathability good loam and sand soil, avoid clay, harden,   ventilation adverse soil.

3. PH of soil,   6-7.5 is the best, 5-8.9 is acceptable.

4. Good   irrigation and drainage systerm will be better.

5. Elevation up   to 2000m is acceptable


1. Fecund and   wet. No ponding and water saturation

2. Annual   rainfull 400mm-1200mm.

3. In seedling   period, keep the soil with good moisture(around 30%), after grow up than 50cm   drought resistant ability improve, then better and better.


1. Plant   paulownia tree in sunny place and keep away from heavy wind.

2. Try to   prohibit paulownia tree under other bigger trees

3. Density. For   seedling using 0.8x1m or 1x1m distance, for forestation 4x4m or bigger   distance.

Plant with crop   distance more than 3x15m.


Annual   temperature 12-20celsius degree grow better; -20-45celsius degree is ok,   vulnerable to frost damage if absolute temperature less than -25celsius   degree.

Features Instruction


(Paulownia hybrid   fortunei x tomentosa)

1. Hybrid by   paulownia fortunei x tomentosa, parents are south and north species of   Chinese.

2. The hybrid   species inherited good gene of the both, has good environmental adaptability.

3. Fast growth,   with medium crown, straight through trunk, small difference between top and   end.

4. The first   1-3years fast growth of height, the first year 3-5m, the following more than   2-3m per year. From 3-4years height slowly and coarse grow faster, 4-9years is   the fast period of thickness. 10years grow slowly and steadily. So the   paulownia tree 7-10years mature, up to 0.8-1cbm per tree.







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