Product Overview


Fresh: Pollock is a much more fragile fish than the pacific cod, so little is sold fresh. It is occasionally sold, however, as fresh fillets, either skin-on or skin-off, and either bone-in or boneless. Fresh fillets are "candled" or scrutinized on a light table before packing to detect any nematodes or cysts that need to be removed. Other fresh product forms include dressed headless and round (not dressed).
Frozen: Most common product forms are fillets, either boneless or bone-in, graded under 2 ounce, 2-4 ounce, 4-6 ounce and 6-8 ounce. Fillets can be packed either IQF, shatter-pack or layer pack. Pollock blocks (frozen blocks of fillets and fillet pieces) are also sold for further processing, as is pollock mince (fine pieces or flakes of flesh removed from the carcasses after filleting). Both block and mince are re-processed into breaded products. Fillet pieces or small fillets are also made into surimi, the building block for imitation crab products and other analog items.
Value-added: Breaded items (nuggets, fish sticks, fish burgers). From surimi come a myriad of analogs such as imitation crab, scallops and lobster.
Flavor/texture profile: Pollock has a mild delicate flavor and soft texture. It is lean with a low fat content, and has a smaller flake than cod. Meat is white when cooked.

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