Explosion-proof 250W 400W flood light

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    all our certifications is  REAL ONE.






    CertificationEx mark
    IECExEx de IIB T∗ Gb  Ex t IIIC T∗ °C Db
    ATEXATXE II 2GD, Ex de II B T Gb  Ex t IIIC T °C Db 


    Intended use

     zone1 and zone2

     zone21 and zone22

    Ambient temperature -40°C≤Ta≤+55°C
    Degree of protection IP66
    Cable entry(Standard configuration)Moulded plastic 1 x M25x 1.5,
    Outside diameter: Φ8- 17mm
    Moulded plastic 1 x M25 x 1.5 stopping plug
    TerminalL1, N cage type terminal 2-2.5mm2, PE terminal: 2 x 10mm2


    The enclosures of LED explosion proof floodlight fttings are manufactured of die-cast aluminum alloy, with epoxy resin powder sprayed on the surfaces. Therefore, they have good anti-corrosion performance.The transparent shield is made by the toughened glass borosilicate, and the exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel. The internationally certified PHOENIX cage type terminals are selected as the internal terminals, which are convenient for the wiring. The Cree LED pellets inside form light source modules through professional optics The heatdisposal which is designed with thermology analysis and the heat- -conducting structure of particularly made aluminum base board ensure good operational heat release. It can satisfy the related requirements of ilulmination in petrochemical, chemical and marine industries.
    Explosion -proof light fitings can be sorted as: floodlight type lamp and street type lamp.
      It is energy-saving and environmental protection which the power consumption is only 19% of the same brightnessof incandescent lamp.
      It is long life and maintenance-free which the service life is up to 50000 hours and the maintenance-free of long term.There is a feature of good electromagnetic compatibility and it does not cause interference to the system power grid.o It Is not influenced by the voltage fluctuations and can be operated in the wide voltage range of 200 ~ 240V AC.
      There is a good performance of vibration due to the LED is the solid-state light source.
      There is a wide range of ambient temperature, which can be operated in the ambient temperature range of - 40°C~ +55°C. The degree of protection is up to IP 66.
      It is convenient to be mounted and maintained.
      International IECEx Approval, Europe union ATEX Approval.

    Order specifications:

    CZ0878 (1)

    Code of cable gland:

    CZ0878 (3)

    Outline and installation dimensions:

    CZ0878 (4)

    Mounting ways and outline dimensions:

    CZ0878 (5)CZ0878 (2)






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