polycarbonate honeycomb core hollow panel(Air filtration and purification)

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Product Overview


Pc Semi-manufactured products

Attached Polypropylene film,Max sheet length *Max sheet width is 2.44x1.22 square meters,thickness of 6mm ~ 300mm, Other size panels can also be taken into account according to your request. 




Light Weight---
High strength to Weight Ratio
Moisture ,Chemical, Corrosion, Smoke , and Fire Fungi Resistant
Conductive grades available
Recyclable and Environment-Friendly
No Pollution
Easy To Manufacture.
Energy Absorbing
Good thermal and electric insulator.





Packaging & Shipping







What is your main business?

Qingdao Achieving Honeycomb Co., Ltd. is an enterprise, established in 2008,  specialized in the manufacturing and exporting ofthe various kinds of light-weight PP and PC honeycomb finished-products. After years of efforts, our company has become a leading honeycomb manufacturer and supplier for the customers at home and abroad. Our company also has our own factory ---- Qingdao Fuxinli Industrial &Trading Co., Ltd, which can supply the tools from the production of equipment and parts of tool-installing . Besides, we can manufacture the custom-tailor productsin color, density, new application, new processing and new materials. 



What are the uses and features of your products?


Our products are beautiful, colorful and natural. They have good abrasion resistance as well as long service life and are also ideal materials for buildings, caravan and yacht. The plastic honeycomb core has many features: lightweight, high-strength, stiffness and anti-shake., besides, Heat- ,Noise-,Fungi-, Chemical-, Rot- and Moisture Resistant etc. ,so the honeycomb panels have a large space of development and it is widely used in construction fields .motorcars and shipping fields .furniture fields .materials packing .transportation and so on. If our products being widely used, they can help to save a great amount of forest: protect and improve the environment, at the same time they can be recycled and reused. These new environment-friendly products can follow the 21st-century development.




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