Zirconium Silicate

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Zirconium Silicate
1. Other name: Zircon
2. Purity: 65%
3. Appearance: White powder
4. Classification: Silicate

5. Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
6. Application: Industry use


Zirconium silicate -- (ZrSiO4)
1, description:
High-grade zirconium silicate is in the process and strict quality control laboratory under the conditions of production of a special small zirconium silicate, recommended for high-quality enamel containers.

2, the typical chemical and physical properties
ZrO2 65% share of 4.6
SIO2 33% of capacity is (compacted) 1.45
TIO2 0.15 Mohs hardness 7.50
E2O3 0.12 melting point of 2200

3, uses
(1) as emulsion agent for various types of ceramic glaze.
Exports of coffee, sanitary ceramics, tiles, tile and brick construction; coarse pottery utensils, cutlery; special porcelain.
(2) plastic
Epoxy resin for the formula, sealing resin, for silicone, vinyl resins and the filler to increase the heat resistance and improve the insulation value of resistance, the need for inert, fine, white and to be able to fill the role of anti-chemical materials .
(3) refractories
Zirconium casting refractories for the glass melting furnace; heat-resistant porcelain; refractory casting the sand washing; Naihuo Ban the-sand; special fire-resistant porcelain; refractory cement.

4, recommended the use of concentration
(1) for high-brightness and opacity of the white enamel, the general use of 12% -20%. Caiyou in general use in the processing of 4% to 8%.
5, class size targets and standards

Model A1 chemical composition ZrO2 (>=) 65.00% / Fe2O3 (<=) 0.10% / TiO2 (<=) 0.10% / D50 <= 1.2 um
Model Au1 chemical composition ZrO2 (>=) 65.00% / Fe2O3 (<=) 0.10% / TiO2 (>=) 0.10% / D50 <= 1.2 um



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