Polyurethane foam injection resins

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Product Overview


Polyurethane Injection Resin




Product Description


Ruth IP-12 polyurethane waterproof material is a macromolecule chemical injection water-stop material. It can stop the water leaking in the building at once, can be widely used on: Subway Station, Tunnel, Culvert, Foundation Improvement, Soil Settlement, Reservoir, Port Project, Top Slab, Crack, Construction Join, Shrinkage Crack, Basement hairline crack etc. water stop projects.









Product Characters
  •  It will have polymeric reaction when injected from injection machine,  expand and become hard with the sands and clay in the wall, thus plug up the crack permanently and reach water stop effect surely.
  • Large Penetration radius and solidification volume ratio, react with water quickly with large expansion pressure pushing the liquid to the depths of crack and expand to form a tenacity consolidation.
  • High rate of expansion, good tenacity, low shrink, strong adhesive power with the base material, and suitable for different water resource. 
  • Can be applied in low temperature environment
  • Single component material, easy construction, easy clean.
Operation Notes
  1.  During application please wear protection apparatus (ex. Glove,goggle), avoid to direct contact to skin,if happen please use running water to flush,if contacted to eyes need to go to hospital for medical care immediately.
    This product is solvent based material,during application needs to have well ventilation and away from any fire sources.
  2. Before material dried,around construction area do not spark any fire.
  3. Machine after used needs to use cleaner to clean up thoroughly.











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