Product Overview


Sichuan South Gas Compressors Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of CNG, and Industrial Compressors in Sichuan Province of P. R of China.


We are the real Chinese manufacturer, with primary sources, we are not trade agent.


Sichuan South Gas Compressors Co., Ltd Pakistan Branch is an established Branch with SECP, having Tax Number.


We have set up storehouses in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi and also we have arranged several resident Chinese engineers in Pakistan to provide customers technical support and good after-sales service.

As per the current situation of load shedding of gas to industrial area, because of gas shortage, Sichaun South Gas Compressors has designed a model plan, for the storage of gas for industrial plant. As per Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority the industries are allowed to consume a specific maximum number of units in a month. And because of load shedding, the less number of units are consumed, because of which they are allowed to store the gas. 

The model helps, to store the gas during gas availability days, and consume the stored gas during load shedding period. 

The model almost works like a CNG station. It includes Inlet and outlet buffer tanks, Cooling Tower, Compressors sets, Storage Cylinder. Gas is first stored in Inlet buffer tank via low pressure gas lines, after that it is compressed and stored in storage cylinders via high pressure lines. From Cylinders to outlet buffer the presser is reduced by manual vacuumed system. Final to run the generators, gas is supplied to generators by further reducing the pressure, to 1 bar.

Our Model is approved by the concerned authorities, and OGRA. Our first project is going to be completed, and the machinery will be installed in April 2011.




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