Top time hermocouple used gas oven

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 thermocouple is one part of gas safety protection system .


1) Electric potential:(600~650°C)≥8 mV


2) Resistance(room temperature):setting value ±15%


3) Principle of opeartion:Thermocouple with temperature switches internal, In the working such as  the gas oven non-working area temperature more than temperature switches rated temperature,  at this time temperature switches will automatically cut off power supply, to have safety protection.


4) Note:


Thermocouple heated part must be heating on tip 3 to 5mm. pls do not put tip into flame,it will be arouse electric decline and life short.Keep radiating well for thermocouple fixed place backer and plus-minus thread. Decline the accumulative  heat of fix broad and thermocouple copper coat.It is benificial to the closing valve time.






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