Product Overview


Product Description

 Amazon Pure Cream with different flavour to your taste!


Amazon Cream Original

Amazon Cream With Honey

Amazon Cream With Strawberry

Amazon Cream With Banana


Packaging & Shipping

 We offer different kind of packaging: can and tetra pack.

48 x 170 g

48 x 150 g

48 x 100 g

4 x 10 x 125g

Company Information

Al Atheed General Trading L.L.C is one of the premium qualities of FMCG companies in the world and the sole ownership of brand <<Amazon>>.

From the UAE to more than 40 countries spread all over the Middle East,Asia,Africa and Europe, we deliver our fine and healthy extensive range of food & beverage products, including rice,sauces,dairy juices,frying oils, coffee,tea,tuna , and much more!


In Amazon, we focus on delivering those fine-picked products that allow you to experience what it means to taste <<original>> flavors,no matter what you choose from our rich basket of 350+ products.

With each new product joining Amazon, we get more eager to tranfer this rich legacy from Dubai - the heart of the world - to reach everyone around the globe, while maintaining the original taste with its supreme quality.

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