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The Land for sale in Otaru, Hokkaido




Description: The Land  995.44  Square meters


                     Toyokawa-cho, Otaru-shi Hokkaido, Japan

•  90 minutes by car from Chitose Airport
•  75 minutes by JR train from Chitose Airport
•  7 minutes by car from Otaru station
•  Spectacular views !  Best location to see Otaru port view
•  10 minute walk to the shopping center
•   7 minute walk to the market
•   Local school nearby



About Hokkaido



Hokkaido is an island at Japan's northern extremity, surrounded by sea in all directions. It is an extensive land, accounting for 22% of Japan's total land area. Low humidity makes the summers pleasant, while in winter you can enjoy winter sports. The island is gaining popularity as a tourist destination throughout the four seasons.

In Hokkaido you can enjoy the magnificence of nature to your heart's content: Daisetsu-zan National Park, which forms the roof of Hokkaido; the secluded Shiretoko-hanto Peninsula; Kushiro Marsh, home to many precious living things such as Japanese cranes; Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which is full of volcanoes and lakes; and the ever-changing Shakotan-kaigan Coast. There are also numerous hot springs, like the Noboribetsu-onsen, Jozan-kei-onsen and Soun-kyo-onsen, where you can enjoy a leisurely bath to help you get over the fatigue of your journey.

The Sapporo Snow-matsuri Festival and Monbetsu Ice Floes-matsuri Festival are held in winter. In summer enjoy the Furano Lavender-matsuri Festival, as well as port festivals in every coastal town held to pray for a good catch and safe fishing. Hokkaido boasts of over 1,200 festivals and events held throughout the year.



  About Otaru



Otaru (Otaru-shi) is a city and port in Shiribeshi, Hokkaido, Japan, northwest of Sapporo. The city faces the Ishikari Bay, and has long served as the main port of the bay. With its many historical buildings, Otaru is a popular tourist destination. Because it is a 25-minute drive from Sapporo, it has recently grown as a bedroom community.


As of July 31, 2011, the city has an estimated population of 131,706 with 67,308 households and a population density of 541.71 persons per km² (1,403.0 persons per sq. mi.). The total area is 243.13 km2 (93.87 sq mi). Although it is the largest city in Shiribeshi Subprefecture, the subprefecture's capital is the more centrally-located Kutchan).


In the city of Otaru Canal there is other a lot of highlight.


It is attractive to be able to choose for purpose including "leisure" when we put together in "visit facility" which touches "production experience" that can make one article only for oneself and the history of Otaru, and can observe manufacturing processes such as liquor, season in total.


Because there are three places, tourist information center, please drop in at the city willingly, too.




Kiroro Resort


A skiers paradise might not necessarily come to mind when thinking of Japan, but after staying at the Kiroro Resort, you’ll be forced to reconsider. Situated in Akaigawa, the Kiroro Resort is a family-friendly resort in the mountains which boasts an impressive selection of outdoor and indoor activities. From the beautiful ski slopes, to the relaxing hot springs and spa, this hotel allows families to relax and be adventurous at the same time.






 About Shiribeshi




Southwest of one of Hokkaido’s leading tourist spots, Otaru, lies the Shiribeshi area, where extensive unspoilt nature remains. As region in which splendid leisure activities typical of Hokkaido can be enjoyed, it attracts many tourists from overseas. Spring and summer are temperate with many fine days, but in winter the weather varies from place to place, so prior checks are advised.


Sightseeing & Lesiure


Features of this area include spectacular views and hands-on activity tourism. West along the coast from Otaru is the Shakotan Peninsula, with its uniquely shaped rocks and picturesque landscapes. Head inland and you will see the dynamic form of Mt. Yotei, also known as Ezo-Fuji. Niseko is one of the world’s top ski resorts, renowned for its deep and powdery snow. In the greener seasons, a wide range of physical activities such as rafting, canoeing, mountaineering, walking and cycling can be enjoyed amid the expansive natural surroundings.


Hot Spring


This area is a hot-spring Mecca, where fatigue from the endless play can be soothed away. There are open-air baths with views of the Japan Sea and Mt. Yotei, springs with a continuous supply of fresh hot water direct from the source, as well as those with a variety of mineral properties and therapeutic benefits. If your stay is long, why not enjoy a different hot spring every day.


Shiribeshi boasts an abundance of delicacies from both the land and sea. In the port city of Otaru, where the markets are full of fresh seafood, there is said to be almost 130 Sushi restaurants. In 1987, Sushiya-dori (a street lined with sushi restaurants) was born. Each restaurant continues to maintain the quality worthy of Otaru’s title as the “the city of sushi.” The foot of Mt. Yotei is a famous vegetable-producing region, where delicious produce such as asparagus and potatoes representative of Hokkaido are grown. There are many well-respected restaurants that use vegetables grown in this area. Why not savor a dish while you’re there.

The Land for sale in Otaru, Hokkaido















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