Eco-friendly and Reliable wedding sofa Upholstery for interior decoration use , wallpaper also available

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Eco-friendly and Reliable wedding sofa Upholstery for interior decoration use , wallpaper also available 


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Sincol performs thorough quality assurance in order to deliver safe,

reliable chair upholstery products.


Flat-surface wear-testing machine [Flat-surface wear] JISL1096


Light-resistance testing machine [UV-resistance strength] JISL0842


Rubbing fastness testing machine [Wear discoloration] JISL0849, JISK6772

With the theme of "Being gentle to all people,

" Sincol offers an abundant range of functional products.

We supply a wide range of functional products that are suitable

for use in various situations, from trueplex made from multi-layered materials

to antibacterial and anti-contamination products,

which are used in medical and caretaking facilities.




The real quality shows through in our unpatterned materials.

Sincol's unpatterned leather and unpatterned textiles.


Our signature style, featuring five functions.

This almighty product comes in 114 colors


The record sales of our Star series showcases

a high standard of quality that you will never get tired of.
MyStar products come in 69 colors



Company Information2

 (Company Information)


Having started in around 1930 as a vinyl leather dealer,

SINCOL has grown into a major Japanese brand

with experience in all interior materials, including moquette,

curtains, carpets, wall coverings, and PVC flooring.

Our materials are used widely throughout Japan in homes,

in businesses such as hotels and shops,

as well as in hospitals and nursing homes.

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TA18 P010_01_6025 hospital

Function: Flame-resistant


We at SINCOL aim to deliver quick and careful service,

while paying close attention to our distribution system.

At our distribution center, an automated warehouse is operated

by an on-line system, lending support to our rapid and accurate distribution.

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SINCOL started by dealing PVC leather for upholstery,

and has now become established as a major Japanese domestic brand name associated

with interior design, which handles curtains, wallpaper, carpets,

and PVC flooring and upholstery.


SINCOL Interiors, the planning and procurement division of SINCOL,

has obtained the following certifications. •ISO 9001:2008 (quality) for wallpaper

and related classes •ISO 14001:2004 (environment) for curtains,

carpets, wallpaper, and related classes




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