Egyptian Henna For Hair, Indigo Hair Dye

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Product Overview


Private labeling ser



Avail NMP Udhyog Private Labeling Service


A private label product, also called a 'white label' or 'private brand', is a unique product manufactured by your company or brand. But packaged and sold under another company's own brand name. Private labeling allows retailers to use contract manufacturers to launch their own line of products. To do this, without having to spend a lot of money to manufacture products according to your specific needs like quality, material, and design. Private label branding is all marketing techniques and strategies. That you can use to create a positive image of your product to get the attention and get identified in the eyes of the customer.



How it works?

NMP Udhyog brand delivers, a real simplest and easiest private labeling solution ever.


1.       Simply provide your logo design.


2.       Choose from a wide range of products from NMP Udhyog.


3.       Select the outer packing size.


4.       NMP Udhyog will auto-magically compose and print all the obligatory material for your private label tags based on the products you purchase or sell.

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Why Choose Us?


The NMP Udhyog growth trend of private labeling of products/ goods reflects the declining profits of high-priced international brands. In addition to this, NMP Udhyog private labeling caters he unique selling opportunity for small retailers. Your customer

hurries the idea of switching to private label brands. Now, this is a great time for e-commerce retailers to get on board and

experience this space.



In this era of high competition, what makes our private labeling services, better than others is


1.      High Production Control


Depending on your contract, you may have varying degrees of product quality, components, materials and design.


2.      Pricing


As a result of your influence on manufacturing, you have to determine the cost of the product and the profit margin.


3.      Yield control of branding

Since private label products will tolerate your own brand, you have a final say in how, when and where they will be marketed.


4.      Stay Alert


With low entry hurdles and the ability to make quick conclusions, small retailers have the pro of using private label products to reply to market trends and demands


5.      High Customer Loyalty


Our private labeling service can be a great customer loyalty booster and help increase brand mindfulness for retailers. When working with us, we’ll help reinforce consumer sureness in the quality and safety of your private label products.



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Things to Remember


In case of your first few products, take note that trademarked items are your best sellers. For example, if you sell a lot of typical branded henna cones wrapped in beautiful gift paper and find a dealer. Who can create the same thing; turn your attention to such extra ribbon-like designing strategies. Add, or double-pack, and develop a label with your own unique brand.



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FAQs  Questions on Mind? Get answered.


What is private labeling?

To cut it short and simple, we will replace the manufacturer's tag and with your own brand tag/label.


Will you remove the manufacturer's label?

Yes, we will remove it and the product will contain your own branding.


Do I need to provide product size information?

We will automatically include the proper size in your label for each product you purchase or sell. So, you need not to be worried about this at all.

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For any other information or answers, required, do not hesitate to contact us! On our 919910415530


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Black belt Six Sigma Certificated) for quality analyst at NMPUdhyog. We are 7th generation in manufacturing of Organic henna powder. Many of our clients are asking for so many lab reports to validate the quality of NMPUdhyog Organic henna powder. But the fact is there is no need to always have lab report to validate the quality offered by NMPUdhyog Nayab Organic henna powder.

Today I am going to tell you, How to find the normal henna is organic henna or chemical henna.

Nayab Organic henna: – While making of henna paste adding water, The henna powder will take more than 3hr to 6 hr to give color. Also the water added while making paste. The color of water don’t change at all.

Any Chemical: – While making of henna paste adding water, The henna powder will take less than 3 min to 5 min to give color. Also the water added while making paste. The color of water will change within 2 minutes.

So it open thing to suggest that always use Nayab Organic henna. As we are not use chemical in Our Organic Henna Powder.

If you have any doubts Please reach out us sales(at)nmpudhyog(dot)com 

As we are manufacture company We offer you the photos session of the product processig. Which we do for all the client. 


We also offer to make your brand and print on our pouch so that you can sales your own product on amazone or any online web site.


Our Product certificate.


The best package like moisture proof aluminium pouch  20kg bags



You Are most welcome to visit our factory any time.

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