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Variety:  Cavendish bananas
Class: Premium
Case Style: 22XU

Type of packing: Vacuum
Grade: 39 - 45
Net weight: 19.5 kgs.
Gross Weight: 20.9 kgs

Cluster per box: 16
Finger size: 20 cm min
Number of fingers per hand: min5 max 12
Number of  boxes per container: 1080 with pallets and 1200 average without pallets

Packaging & Shipping


Our brands are:


  • ·         NUR
  • ·         CASTA SONS
  • ·         BANABEQUIN

Our  weight boxes are:19.5 net kgs

                                              18.2 net kgs


                                              13.5 net kgs

Company Information

 We are Sebanqui s.a., a family company, we  are offering you our production of  Premium Bananas, Cavendish Variety.   


Our principal Markets are Europe, Middle East and China.  

Let us know your requirements about weight and destination port or if you need any additional information, we will be glad to send you a quote.


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