No salt used and Made with Japanese crops time saving cook Baby Udon noodle with Japanese vegetable powder Made in Japan

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Product Overview



Baby Udon noodle


No salt used and Made with Japanese crops time saving cook Baby Udon noodle with Japanese vegetable powder Made in Japan



Product Description




*Baby somen noodle made with wheat and vegetables powder grown in Japan without using salt. (5g of pumpkin powder is kneaded in 100g of wheat flour.)

*As no salt and no colorants are added, it can be cooked in 1 pan without throwing the boiled juice.


*You can cook with your favorite soup and ingredients.

Short cut noodle make it easier to cook, and microwave cook is possible.

*This product is applied for the baby from 5-6month old to infant of 12 months and over.


*This product is the food which standards and criteria for infant foods based on Food Sanitation Act is applied to.






1) Boil water in a small pan. Put the noodles in the boiling water, and cook them on a low heat for 4 minutes.


(Please refer to the information on the back side of the package for the best amount of the noodles and the best cooking time for your baby.)


2) Put the noodles in a bowl, and feed the noodles to your baby, cutting the noodles with a spoon etc.


Recommended amount of noodles for ages in months

7-8 months

10 g

Boil somen noodle soft enough to be smashed with a tongue, chopped

9-11 months

20 g

Boil somen noodle soft enough to be ground with the gums, chopped

12 months and over

25 g

Boil somen noodle softly and serve as it is.


Please adjust the amount, size, and temperature of the noodle according to baby’s conditions.


For proceeding the baby food, please ask the experts for advice.



Packaging & Shipping



Weight : 100g / Bag


Bag size : 130×50×200 (mm) x 10 Bags / Box


Box size : 220 x 350 x 110 (mm)


Box weight : 1.3kgs


Shelf life : 720days





Baby Somen Noodle with Spinach powder


Nutrition fact (per 100g)













*Allergic substance in the product: Wheat





Baby Somen Noodle with Pumpkin powder


Nutrition fact (per 100g)













*Allergic substance in the product: Wheat



***Baby Somen Noodle is also available.


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