Celec Laser Land Leveler Pro-5000 , 1500 mtrs laser transmitter range

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Celec Laser Land Leveller Pro - 5000 is perfect for  Agricultural Land Leveling. It has a Long-range laser transmitter 1500 meters (750 radius), Computerized self-calibration. In house manufacturing, Development, and testing center for Laser Land Levelers. Rotary laser level accuracy +/- 1 mm at 30 meters, Fuel consumption 4 Liters/hr. Wireless and touch control, Laser receiver working fully under HT lines, Accurate working of the rotary laser at high temperature. Get the maximum yield of crops using Celec Laser Land Leveler.




  • Water proof dust proof temperature proof to work all weather.
  • Housing made from LM-6 aluminium, rubber and high impact plastic.
  • Over voltage and DC polasty protection.
  • Low voltage safe working.
  • One touch self calibration infield.
  • High power lase beam.
  • Leveling accuracy 5 cm at 100 meter.
  • Manual grade.
  • External battery tor 3 days backup.


Advantages of laser land leveling over traditional leveling:

  • Precise level and smoother soil surface, easy land preparation.
  • Reduction in time and water required to irrigate the field.
  • Uniform distribution of water in the field, less water consumption.
  • Uniform moisture environment for crops, less weed problems.
  • Good germination and growth of crop, uniformity in crop maturity.
  • Reduce seed rate, fertilizer, chemicals, and fuel requirements.
  • Improve field traffic ability for the subsequent field operations.


Benefits of precise land leveling:

  • Saves irrigation water up to 35%.
  • Reduced weed in agriculture field.
  • Increase in farming area up to 3.5%.
  • Increase in productivity up to 50%.
  • Reduced farm operating time by 10%.
  • Assist tap soil management.
  • Saves fuel/electricity used in irrigation.
  • Saves labor cost.

Operating Range* 1500 m (±750 meter)
Self – Leveling Accuracy ±1 mm @ 30 meters
Rotating Speeds 600 RPM
Laser Diode (type) 4.5 mW 635nm (Visible)
Manual Grade Upto 10%
Dimensions (WDH) 2133 x 3353 x 2743 mm
Weight 750 kg. (1653 lbs)
Battery Type 12V External
Battery Life***  72 Hours
Operating Temperature 0 to ± 50° C
Storage Temperature 0 to ± 70° C
Dust / Water Resistance IP65



Voltage Range 12V DC
System Accuracy ±2 mm (Standard Deviation)
Hydraulic O/P Settings Directional / Propotional Valves
Dust / Water Resistance IP65
Power On / Off Switch
Switch for Automatic and Manual Control Mode Selection
LED Display to show Up-Grade, On-Grade and Below-Grade position of the Laser receiver with respect to the Laser Beam
Manually Up and Down Hydraulic Switch

Voltage Range 12V DC
Current Consumption  500 mA
Laser Requirement All Rotating Lasers (HeNe or IR)
Dust / Water Resistance IP65
Pulse Display  10 Pulses per second
Protection Reverse Polarity
Accuracy Dead Band Upto 10% 5 Users Selectable Accuracy Dead Bands
LED Display to show Up-Grade, On-Grade and Below-Grade position of the Laser receiver with respect to the Laser Beam

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