High quality seafood product fresh 1 year oyster with competitive price

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Product BrandMurotsu oyster
Product NameLive oyster
Place of originMurotsu bay
PortKansai International Airport
Packaging Details2L : 56 X 44 X 30 (cm), L/M/S : 45 X 38 X 28 (cm) Foamed box
120 pieces per box.
We put the cold storage pack in the box.


Our oyster in Murotsu bay is 1 year oyster, but it is famous for big size and sweet taste.
The shells are thin, so that the ratio of meat to the whole weight is high.
Our oyster is popular at the Tsukiji wholesale market in Tokyo and the supplier is shipping to them about 2 million pieces for a season.
We supply you our live oyster from the factory directly, therefore, it is really fresh and price is competitive. 
Since we take the oyster out of water tank in the early morning and ship them by night flight on the same day(We may ship them on the morrow depending on the destination), you can have it at the fresh condition as same as the wholesale market in Japan.
You can have it with lemon.
Our supplier ships 4 million pieces of oyster for one season and can send 60,000 pieces at most per day.
Therefore, it is no problem to ship 10,000 - 15,000 pieces per day for your order.
We are now exporting live oyster to Hong Kong and Thailand


Our company was founded in Itami(Hyogo prefecture) on June 5, 2014.

We are a trading company for exporting and mainly dealing with fresh fruits, live and frozen oysters.


Management philosophy of our company is "We become the most global producer of agricultural and marine products in the world”.

We support the export of items which are made by small producers and recommendable to overseas market, and we offer everyone around the world tasty food.

Our company is located in Kansai area, so that we mainly present you the agricultural and marine products from Kansai, Chugoku and Shikoku region(We ship them from Kansai International Airport by AIR, Kobe or Osaka port by SEA).ASIA1016_09.jpgASIA1016_10.jpgASIA1016_11.jpg

*Fresh fruits

 We do the inspection one by one.

 We buy the products from the supplier which is competitive with its category, so that we change the supplier for every category.

 As for packing, due to avoid any damage, we put buffer materials between gaps of fruits.


*Live oyster

 We put the live oyster and refrigerant pack into the foamed box, and transport it by air.


*Frozen oyster with shells

 After putting to the plastic bag, we pack it by the cardboard box, and transport it by reefer container.ASIA1016_13.jpg

We are exporting our products to the following countries at the moment.


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