Cryochamber - Cryosauna Cryomed Pro

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Product Overview


Product Description


Cryomed PRO was developed according to many years of experience in manufacturing of cryosaunas. A popular model of cryosauna has been improved and equipped with a new features.

Cryotherapy chambers look like a room similar to a stand-up tanning booth, in which the client enters the air is cooled to the estimated temperature.

This next-generation device contains newly developed, CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer.

Cryomed PRO is also equipped with an emergency stop button on the front panel and accident prevention system in the cabin. The latest model of the cryotherapy chamber also allows connecting to Wi-Fi and gives comfortable access for remote service support in case of any faults.

Cryosauna Cryomed PRO may be comfortable controlled by desktop, smartphone or tablet. Gas supply of new model is constructed in a way it can either work with the Dewar vessel (non-pressurized 40 liters) or with pressurized vessel with capacity up to 5000 liters.

Cryomed Pro is manufactured according to high cosmetic standards and suitable for use in medical facilities. Clients will feel better and look younger and healthier. Whole-body cryotherapy is a medical treatment widely used in beauty procedures and sports medicine.


Benefits of Cryomed PRO

Cryosauna Cryomed PRO – it is a good investment move, good for the health of your customers and good for a business interest of you, as an owner. Just 6 m2 needed to start with.

Cryosauna – it is the right investment. When people come for treatment, they invest in their health. By investing in Cryosauna you can launch a reliable business without a large capital, without putting all on the line.


Technical features

Power Supply220V ± 22V AC, 50Hz
Maximum Power Consumption, KW1,5
Unit Weight, KgLess than 400
Dimensions L*W*H, Mm2200*1550*900 (2450*1550*900)
Temperature Inside The Cabinfrom -110°C to -190°C
Cooling Duration1 min
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (precooling), L2
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption (treatment), L1 per minute

Room requirements

Cryosauna Cryomed PRO needs

a very small area for setup. In fact, 6 m2 is adequate to provide enough space for operation. However, due to the machine’s weight not exceed 350 kg it must be installed on a solid floor (concrete or properly tiled floor), NOT on flooring made of wooden panels etc.

When deciding on a room in which to set up Cryosauna be sure to measure the size of ANY door frames you will need to use in order to deliver Cryosauna components inside the room. Door frame width of any doors MUST be at least 670 mm to make the delivery possible.

You have to provide an opening in the room wall (120 mm in diameter) for an exhaust system so that nitrogen vapors can be extracted properly while Cryosauna is in operation. The hole for the pipe can either be made in the wall or the pipe can be integrated in the window (vent sash) as long as proper tight fit for the hose is provided.

Air-conditioning and ventilation with actively circulating air (both in and out) are strongly advised. Addition of oxygen sensors is recommended too.

The ambient room temperature should be between 15 °C and 24 °C and the humidity should not exceed 60 %. The distance from the walls to either side of the machine should be at least 300 mm (30 cm).

The entire assembly of Cryosauna PRO takes roughly 2 hrs. Cryosauna must be operated by trained staff who successfully completed appropriate training and received a certificate.

How much does a cryotherapy chamber cost? This is usually the first question asked about cryo-equipment. Cryosauna’s pricing depends on a number of technical characteristics but clients are often surprised to find Cryosauna cost less than one might expect.


Design your own Cryomed PRO

The following additional options can be installed in the Cryomed Pro version:

  • outer upholstery color selection (21 colors to choose from);
  • internal upholstery color selection (9 colors);
  • color selection of the temperature display;
  • selection of a cabin size (S / M / L);
  • redesigned multicolor TOP LED lighting, LED system is also placed underneath the cabin, refiling spot of the device. The color and     brightness of the lighting is controlled independently for each zone;
  • mounted tablet;
  • own branding (embroidered logo on inner upholstery, a Big logo on the outer shell);
  • UNIQUE safety feature – The Accident Prevention System;
  • remote control system for smartphones.
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