Сушеный/сушеный Гекко-сушеный Летающий геккон из Вьетнама

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Dear our potential customers,
VIET D.E.L.T.A INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is one of leading companies in Vietnam as an manufacturer, distributor as well as exporter for dried natural medicines the region.
Today, the company proudly present to you one of our main products: Dried tokay gecko

Geckos have 4 legs. Their whole body is flat, because they has been processed, they have a special shape. Their head is from 3cm to 5cm long, with small and regular teeth in their mouth. The Body is 8 cm to 15 cm long, 7 cm to 10 cm wide. The forelegs and hind legs are stretched on two horizontal rods. From the head to end of tail of the gecko is also stretched by 1 vertical rods. The body is stretched squarely and balancedly by a diagonal rods. Fishy smell, slightly salty taste.

- Difficulty breathing or asthma because the kidney didn’t get filled, cough and hemoptysis, impotence, spermatorrhea.
- Enrich the pulmonary and kidney, stabilize the asthma, support the yang, nourish the sperm.
- Do not use for people with pathogenic energy from outside, excess heat, cough due to wind-cold.
- 3g – 6g/day, sugar coated tablet, comminuted form, alcohol or soup.
- Raw: Dip the geckos into boiling water, scrape scales thoroughly, cut from the eye upward, cutting the feet, skinning, removing the organs, use a piece of clothe (or paper) to clean, make soup.
- Dried:cut from the eye upward with the feet, scrape scales thoroughly, cut into small pieces.
- Gecko soaked alcohol: impregnating pieces of dried gecko into alcohol until soft, drying or gently drying or grilling until they turn into yellow or fry under small fire until they turn into yellow and aromatic. Then soak them into alhohol or pulverizing to make a tablet
- Place in a closed container with Zanthoxylum in cool dried place, avoid mold weevil, do not steam. Avoid crushing, breaking the tail.

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Packing details: 10-20 kg/ bag, or as customer requests

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks after deposit

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