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Carbonated Soft Drinks - Pepsi Cola

We can offer Pepsi Cola products direct from factory in Germany. Due to our big worldwide sales we have very competitive prices for all kind of products.

We can offer the following product types what can be mixed in same container or loadment

- Pepsi Regular / - Pepsi Twist / - Pepsi Light / - Pepsi Max / - Pepsi Max Cherry / - Mirinda /

 - 7up regular / -7up light / - Schwip Schwap 

Packaging types:

0.33l can / 0.5l pet bottle / 1.5l pet bottle

We deliver always fresh stock as it will be loaded direct at Pepsi factory.

Detailed Images
Packing & Delivery
Pepsi Cola Can
24 pc per case
99 cases per pallet
24-28 pallets per container
Pepsi Cola 1.5l
6 pc per case
84 cases per pallet
24-28 pallets per container

0.0067 s.