Labsa chemical formula, viscosity of labsa

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                            LABSA (Linear-Alkylbenzenesulfonic Acid ) 96% 

1, Introduce

Other name: dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid,
Molecular Formula C18H30O3S,
Molecular weight 326.49,

Relative density (g / mL, 20/4 ° C): 1.05
Melting point (ºC): 10
Boiling point (ºC, atmospheric pressure): 315
Relative density (20 ℃) 1.05
Viscosity: 900mpa · s

Molar refractive index: 92.66
Molar volume (m3 / mol): 310.0
Isotopic volume (90.2K): 779.3
Surface tension (dyne / cm): 39.9
Polarization rate (10-24 cm3): 36.73
Brown viscous liquid, organic weak acid; a certain corrosive, on the skin and eyes have a strong irritant, soluble in water, diluted with water to generate heat; insoluble in the general organic solvents, mainly used as detergent raw materials.

1.Can be used as a curing catalyst for amino baking paint, used to formulate a variety of liquids, solid detergents.
2. Used as detergent raw materials for the production of alkyl benzene sulfonic acid ammonium salt, sodium salt and calcium salts.
3. Also used directly in all kinds of detergents, cosmetics formulations. Because of its stability in acidic solution, and has good washing performance, it is often used in toilet cleaners and other acidic solution detergent formulation.

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