Cuttlefish Bone For Sale Year 2020

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A cuttlebone is not a bone, but rather the internal shell of the Cuttlefish, a small, squid-like cephalopod. The bone of this animal is full of gas and helps to control the buoyancy of the fish in the water.

This shell is mostly made of calcium carbonate (CaCO3); Calcium represents 40% of its total weight. There are also other very important elements, such as Potassium, Iron and Zinc.
This carbonate is chemically defined as metastable; it is able to lose its stability after an energy supply.



The cuttlebone is a lightweight, oblong, chalky object that is mainly composed of calcium making it an ideal way to supplement a birds' calcium intake. Cuttlebone is about 85% calcium, so it is an ideal way of increasing your bird's calcium levels. They are also inexpensive.  To add to their diet, just use a sharp knife to scrape bits of the cuttlebone into their food or simply scrape the bone along the edge and allow the powder to top the food in their bowl.

If you keep turtles or tortoises, these animals can benefit from the rich calcium contained in the cuttlebone.
Cuttlebones have a grainy texture, reminiscent of pumice. This texture can also offer benefits to parrots as it is helpful in wearing down overgrown beaks. It's recommended to always keep a cuttlebone in your bird's cage to promote beak and jaw exercise.




 Specification :

Grade 1:            5 - 10 cm

Grade 2:           10 - 15 cm

Grade 3:           15 cm up

Style:                dried, cleaned by hydrogen peroxide

Moisture:          10 % max

Breakage:         5% max

Types:               Trimmed/Untrimmed


Our Services

Payment :  Deposit 20-30%; remaining balance is paid after loading on the container

                     ( with confirmed weight notes)

Mode of Shipment :  By sea ( FCL , LCL) and by air

Time of Shipment :   Depending on the availability of stock from the local suppliers;

                                      we negotiate with buyers

Freight  by Airline and Shipping line :  Varies for each cargo , we will look for competitive freight

Quality Control :    Varies depending on the request of the buyer , normally VinaControl,

                                  Bureau Veritas, SGS, etc.

Contract of Supply :  Contract is per order from buyer, no long term sale contracts;

                                       otherwise, 6-12 mos. can be considered depending on the demands

                                       and availability of the products



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             Tel: +84 938787834                   Fax: +84 2862985657





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