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Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) combine the good processing properties of plastics with the elastomer properties that are so important for product developers and designers. Thermoplastic elastomers consist of thermoplastic end blocks and an elastic midblock. As regards their structure and behaviour, they belong to a material class that is positioned between plastics (thermoplastics) and rubber (elastomer) and have gradually been developed into a material class of their own.

They enhance products and enable processors to position their products ahead of those of their competitors. In addition, TPEs also fulfil technical functions that have up to now only been available with elastomers. The use of TPEs does not only offer a range of product advantages but also has significant commercial benefits for processors. Similar to thermoplastics, TPEs become plastic when heated and elastic when cooled down again. In elastomers, this behaviour is due to chemical cross-linking. In TPEs, it is the result of physical cross-linking, and any changes in behaviour caused by heating are reversible. When the material is cooled down, new cross-links are established, which bond the elastic blocks into rigid three-dimensional networks. This means that TPEs show elastic properties that are similar to those of elastomers, while allowing for repeat deformation and recovery as known from thermoplastics. Thermoplastic elastomers are thus free-flowing and formable

Product Introduction

The use of TPEs offers a number of key advantages:
Easy thermoplastic processing
Short cycle times
Low energy consumption
Thermal stability, providing large processing window
Multi-component processing and thus reduced assembly costs
Combination of two materials (hard-soft composite)
100% recyclable
Versatile dying options, including colour effects for more advanced design

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