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Super slow burning Herbal Leaf Pre rolls

We offer unique Super slow burning Bio Leaf Pre Rolled Cones, PDF download of Pre rolled cones -

PDF Downloads of all other products we offer -

Super slow burning organic herbal leaf is not homogenized or tobacco leaf, it is purely natural unprocessed organic leaf, pre rolled cones are hand rolled from selected high quality leaves and filters are made from organic corn husk, pre rolls are technically hand rolled and air tightens without any adhesive. They’re not a rolling paper and they’re not a cigarette tube! They’re a totally new concept in smoking – “Natural Leaf Cones” - super slow burning, corresponds very well with the filled/ packed smoking mixture, even burn quality (burns much slower than a cigarette paper), no paper like smell and leaf itself is flavorless but gives a unique herbal aroma on burning, till date this is the best described non tobacco herbal leaf of the market.

Available Sizes of Natural Leaf Pre Rolls and Blunts - 70 mm, 88 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm, 110 mm, 130 and 140 mm cones

Brief about Brown cigar paper, bleached & Unbleached Hemp paper pre cones & Blunts - We offer brown paper (like High Hemp brand pre rolls and custom cones, our specialty is to infuse Terpenes in paper pre rolls. Packaging is like 3 per tube, 6 cones/ clear tube, 800 cones per box, we offer sizes 88 mm, 109 mm with 26mm filter size with filter tip. "w" filter fold.

Terpenes & Terpene infused Pre Rolled cones - We offer a Series of Mind Blowing Terpene strains and flavored natural leaf pre rolled cones to enjoy exotic Flavored Smoking! with our Our Unique Terpenes Profiles - Hats-Off, Purple Haze, Temptation, Pheromones, Just-ONE, Enigma, Green Mango Haze, Green Gold, Bio-Gold

Flavors  - Kush, Grape, Pineapple, Blue Berry, Watermelon, Mix berry, Apple, Guava, Mint, Lemon, Clove , Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Russian Cream, Berry Blast, Rose, Cherry, Mango, Melon, Kool, (Mint) and many more ….

Pre Rolls Packing – 1. Tube Pack (88 to 90 mm Rolls), 2. Clear Tube Pack (100 to 130 mm cones), 3. Pouch Pack, 4. Single unit pack (110 to 130 mm) - in designers’ single Roll pack, 5. Box or Bulk Pack (100’s)

Wooden Tipped Natural Leaf Pre Rolls / Blunts (Size is excluding the wooden tip) - 74 mm to 110 mm cones  

Only Wooden Tips (Long) & Dark Slim Wooden Tips

Designers Packing Sticks – We offer different unique cone packing sticks and other packing devise to pack and fill pre rolled cones.

Hand Rolled Filters – We offer bulk or separate filters for Pre rolled cones;

1. CORN HUSK Filters, 2. Hemp fiber filters, 3. Ebony Leaf Filters,  4. Hemp Paper filters and 5. Wooden tips.

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