PTFE seamless fusing machine belt(Oshima OP-450GS)

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Product Overview


            We produce three kinds of fusing machine belts:seamless belt, double-layer jointed belt and single-layer jointed belt.

1.seamless belt:

It is made of the cylindrical high-strength glass fiber or Kevlar (aramid) fabric which is woven by knitting round loom,and  is coated with PTFE emulsion.The seamless belt completely overcomes  the problems of jointed belts such as bad running stability and off-tracking,etc.

The service life of PTFE seamless fusing machine belt is three times longer than any other kind of fusing machine belt.

Advantages of PTFE coated seamless belt: Stable running, long service life.

Disadvantages: High prices.

2, Jointed fusing machine belt: usually with black  color, jointed with F46 film.

 Advantages: Low prices.

Disadvantages: Low intensity, easy deviation, short service life of usually 3 months.

3, double-layer fusing machine belt:

Advantages: High strength, long service life,  without deviation.

We can also make antistatic fusing machine belt according to customers' requirements.

Features of PTFE fusing machine belt:
1)High temperature resistance and adherence resistance;
2)Good tensile strength, rare deflection;
3)Excellent anti-static;
4)Smooth surface, more suitable for super thin lining;
5)Anti- fatigue, durable, long service life;


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