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 Delicious Healthy Food Chinese Longkou Green Mung Bean Vermicelli Noodle Wholesale Made In China

 Shandong Longkou Vermicelli


Chinese vermicelli uses high quality mung bean starch and potato starch as raw materials and uses advanced production line and closed manufacture processes to finish.


The vermicelli is thin, long and homogeneous. The diameter is about 0.8mm. The single strand appears green with white. It is translucent and has waves. Its color is white with flickers. It is rich in many kinds of minerals and microelements, such as Lithium, Iodin, Zinc, and Natrium needed by the body's health. It has no any additive and antiseptic and has high quality, rich nutrition and good taste. Our vermicelli has been praised by the specialists overseas as 'Artificial fin', 'King of sliver silk '. It is a good gift for your relatives and friends.



Cooking Methods




Boil vermicelli for 5 minutes, then clean it with clear water. Put the vermicelli together with vegetables, hams and so on, add seasonings, then stir them thoroughly.


Hot pot


Boil vermicelli for 5 minutes, then clean it with clear water. Put vegetables, meats, water into soup base in pot, add the vermicelli after they are boiled.


Fried dishes


Boil vermicelli for 5 minutes, then clean it with clear water. Fry the vermicelli together with vegetables, meats, fishes, etc.





Packaging & Delivery


 Packaging : Color Bags Inside ,Cartons Outside
Delivery : in 30 days after order and deposit




Vermicelli shaping, Freezing, Unfreezing, Drying, Selecting and packing.




 Please keep away from moistures, strong odors and volatile materials. Please keep in dry and cool places under room temperature.



 Q:1.What's your payment terms?

A:T/T or L/C.


Q:2. Can I get some samples?

A:Yes, free samples are available for most of our products, you only need to pay the freight charge.


Q:3. What's your delivery time?

A:Usually we will arrange the shipment 30 days after payment.


Q:4. How about the packing?

A:Usually we provide the packing as 100g/piece or carton.If you have special requirements, we will meet your demand.


Q:5. What is loading port?

A:Usually is Qingdao or Yantai.


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