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Rice wine/ Hon Mirin/Mirin Fu/ Cooking wine/ Sweet wine



Mirin is a Japanese name. It can be called cooking wine. As it gets almost the same function with cooking wine. Usually there are Hon mirin and Mirin fu. It is the indispensable seasoning of Japanese cuisine. Its raw material is glutinous rice koji and shochu. 


Mirin does not contain high alcohol content, it is often found in the liquor department of supermarkets, as well as in wine and spirits shops. This is true even for the two ceremonial versions of mirin that are used to celebrate the new year, hon and shin. Because the sweet taste is very strong, a small amount of mirin in a recipe will produce excellent results.


While mirin is still primarily an additive in dishes that are indigenous to Japan, more people are choosing to use mirin as a recipe in other dishes as well. Japanese sweet cooking wine becomes a more common item in kitchens around the world.


Using mirin as an ingredient for coating or covering with a sauce helps to enhance the presentation of the dish.









There are glass bottles and PET bottles here.




As an essential used in japanese cuisine, a small amount is often used instead of sugar and soy sauce. It's a perfect seasoning to add a mild sweetness to Japanese cooking. Mirin and cooking sake add luster to ingredients when it's cooked and adds nice aroma. It's the key ingredient in teriyaki sauce. Since it is effective in masking the smell of fish, mirin is often used for cooking seafood.


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