octane boosterNMA/ n-methylaniline and MMT/ Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl octane booster

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Product Overview


Product Description


n-methylaniline  / octane booster

Fine Intermediate

ITEMS                                   SPECIFICATION  
Appearance         Light yellow or brick red liquid        Light yellow or brick red liquid 
N-methyl aniline                99.0%                                   95.0%  
N,N-dimethyl aniline          0.7%                                     2.00%  
Aniline                                0.2%                                     2.50%

fuel additive for increasing octane number. professional manufacturer of MMA with best quality in China. export a lot.



Molecular Formula


Relative Molecular Weight





Hazard Class:6.1

Physical and Chemical Properties

AppearanceLight yellow liquid

Relative Density (water=1): 0.99  

Melting Point (°C): -57    

Boiling Point(°C): 196.2

Flash Point(°C): 78.89             

Vapor Density(air=1): 3.70

Vapor Pressure(KPa): 0.13 (36.0°C)

Critical Pressure(MPa): 5.2        

Ignition Temperature(°C): 511

Low Explosion Limit(%): 1.2        

Upper Limit of Explosion(%): 7.4

Solubility: Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and chloroform.

Usage:This product is mainly applicable to pesticide intermediate, dyestuff intermediate, medicinal intermediate and organic synthetic materials, as well as used as gasoline octane booster, acid absorbent, solvent and explosive stabilizer.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heat, sparks, and flames. Keep away from sources of ignition. Keep container tightly closed. Isolate from oxidizing materials,acids and edible chemical compounds.

Hazard Properties:It is inflammable and explosive when it comes in contact with fire, high temperature and oxidizers. Emits poisonous gas by high temperature.

Warning: Please follow the rules for handling dangerous and toxic chemicals prescribed by National or Professional authority during the process of storage and transportation.


100-61-8N-Methylaniline(NMA) Amine Octane Booster
95-53-4O-ToluidineAmine Octane Booster
108-44-1M-ToluidineAmine Octane Booster
102-54-5FerroceneOrganometallics Octane Booster
12079-65-1Cyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl(CMT)Organometallics Octane Booster
12108-13-3Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl(MMT)Organometallics Octane Booster
616-38-6Dimethyl Carbonate(DMC)MTBE Countertype
108-67-8Mesitylene Octane Booster
95-63-61,2,4-TrimethylbenzeneOctane Booster
101-96-2N,N'-di-sec-Butyl-p-phenylenediamineGasoline Antioxidant / antigum inhibitor
1712-64-7Isopropyl NitrateJet Fuel Additive
109-86-42-Methoxyethanol Pour Point Depressant
534-22-52-Methyl FuranFuel Additive
872-50-4N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone(NMP) Extraction Solvent
68-12-2Dimethyl Formamide(DMF )Extraction Solvent
126-33-0Tetramethylene Sulfone(Sulfolane)Extraction Solvent For Aromatics
4394-85-8N-FormylmorpholineExtraction Solvent/Desulfurizer
67-68-5Dimethyl Sulfoxide(DMSO)Extraction Solvent/PPD
26472-00-4Methyl Cyclopentadiene Dimmer(MCPD)Synthesis of MMT
77-73-6Dicyclopentadiene(DCPD) Synthesis of CMT and Ferrocene 
109-73-9N-Butylamine(NBA) Demulsifier
111-92-2DibutylaminePharma/Pesticide/Dyestuff Intermediate
7758-02-3Potassium bromideDrilling fluid
7699-45-8Zinc bromideDrilling fluid
7647-15-6Sodium bromideDrilling fluid
10043-52-4 Calcium chlorideDrilling fluid
7789-41-5Calcium bromideDrilling fluid
11138-66-2Xanthan GumViscosity Modifiers(gum)
Packaging & Shipping

Packing and storage of nma

N-Methylaniline is normally packed in  200kgs/UN drum or 22.5mt/ISO tank

Store in cool and dry place, away from sun light.


 iso tank-1.jpgiso tank-2.jpg IBC nma 2HTB12H47IXXXXXcnXFXXq6xXFXXXa


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