Elastic Adhesive Bandage,elastoplast elastic adhesive bandage

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the most strong and power protection to you

the cloth is 100% cotton, the elasticity of the cloth before gluing will be more than 1:2.2.

the elasticity after gluing will be more than 1:1.7 

which give out a very strong support to especially joint part.

the picture below, the left one is feather edge and the right one is cut edge.

the feather rolled very neat

we can make any colors , the most popular one is white with a yellow line and skin color with a red line


glue surface

we use zinc oxide hot meling glue which is very good viscosity.



SDC12924SDC12923elastic adhesive bandage DL manufacture 10cm x 4.5m china supplier feather edge stick glue

can be strip glue and full surface


we have our own brand and our own colorful box, and we also accept OEM.

elastic adhesive bandage DL brand  manufacture 10cm x 4.5m

it gives very strong support to human body especially for joint part.






we own the patent of this cloth and the machine to manufacturer the cloth



1. 100% Cotton elastic substrate

2. Latex free, causes no latex induced allergic reactions

3. Soft, cotton cloth conforms readily to joint contours, like elbow, knee, and shoulders

4. Dry feathered edge to provide neat, comfortable application with adhesive bleed

5. High standard elasticity allows the support/compression to be varied during application in different situation.

6. Porous construction, permitting skin to breathe and moisture to pass through;

7. Constant unwinding tension, easy to apply, quick and easy removal by hand

8. Color thread in the middle of the bandage facilitating overlapping

9. Reverse coating is available

10.With the releasing paper is available


Supporting bandages for strains and sprains

Fixing bandages for hot, cold packs

Pressure bandages to promote circulation and healing

Compression bandages to help control swelling and stop bleeding

Veterinary bandaging


Item No. Specification(cm x m) inner box dimension(cm) Roll/inner box carton dimension(cm) Roll/carton NW(kg)
DL010101 5 × 4.5 36×31.5×13.5 60 64.5×37×43 360 24
DL010102 7.5 × 4.5 36×31.5×13.5 40 64.5×37×43 240 25
DL010103 10 × 4.5 36×31.5×13.5 30 64.5×37×43 180 24
DL010104 15 × 4.5 18.5×16×12.5 6 42.5×34.5×42 72 17
DL010105 20 × 4.5 21×18.5×12.5 6 44.5×42.5×42 72 21


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