THR-ND928 Nurse-Patient hospital paging system

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Product Overview




THR-ND928  Nurse-Patient Hospital Paging System


System Composition  

  1. Host Machine at nurse station, including Power Box and Patient Informaion Card unit
  2. Extension at patient bed (surface mounted or concealed installation)
  3. Waterproof Extention at washing room (optional)
  4. Door Light at ward door (optional)
  5. Corridor Display (optional)

Main Characteristics

  1. the appearance is fashion, technology is advanced;
  2. use high integrated circuits, and SMD surface mount technology. The performance is stable and reliable;
  3. design to be desktop, so the operation is easy and convenient;
  4. only need press one key when host calls extension, which is more convenient than wall-host that dials extension with phone’
  5. two-wire link without polarity.

Main function

  1. two-way call and talkback;
  2. multifunction display when extension calls host;
  3. two-wire link without polarity;
  4. extension could call continually;
  5. host reserves the calling numbers which queue automatically;
  6. alarm when the system is short circuit;
  7. function of intensive care priority;
  8. display screen with large four high-brightness digital tube;
  9. volume of ringing is adjustable with 16 series’
  10. could fix the extension in toilet in case of urgent call;
  11. hands-free calling feature with host;
  12. could connect to computer and display on it (optional)

Main technical Parameters

  1. the temperature of working environment:-10°C - 40°C
  2. Relative humidity: ≤80%
  3. voltage: 220VAC 50HZ
  4. bus voltage:24VDC
  5. static power: ∠20W
  6. standby current of extension: ≤250ua
  7. calling current of extension: ≤50ma
  8. system maximum capacity: 99 doors
  9. longest working line: 1000 meters
  10. distortion: ≤10%


host machine, capacity: 60 doors and 80 doors.

with LED indicator, when Ext. call Host, the corresponding indicator will light.

and with two-digits LED display to show ward room number in turn.

the Host can call and talk with Ext. freely.

with reset function;

12 different ringing chords music are available, ringing volume is adjustable.



Can be installed on Bed Head Unit

Installation type: surface mounted or concealed installation

with hand controller cord connect wth Ext., supplying convenience to patient to call nurse. with "reset" button and microphone on Ext. the Ext. can call and talk with the Host directly. 


QQ20120704155929.jpgQQ20120704160021.jpgQQ20120704160029.jpgQQ20120704160109.jpg QQ20120704160053.jpgQQ20120704160156.jpg

Host Machine        Extension & Hand Controller Cord   Washing Room Ext.     Door Light         Corridor Display



bed head unit with ext..jpg

there are different specification Bed Head Unit we can supply too

B.H.U material: Aluminum Alloy

Gas outlets of different standards are available. We can also provide electrical switches and electrical sockets of British standardFrench standardAustralian standard, etc.


Our advantage for your informations

1, Original Manufacturer, the producing workshop more than 40000 Square Meters;
2, All parts are produced by our factory;
3, Strict Material Inspection & Quality Controlling;
4, ISO9001, ISO13485(SGS) Quality Management System;
5, More than 10 years producing and engineering experience;
6, CE (SGS) Certificate;
7, Exported to more than 30 countries.

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