fully automatic zinc alloy hot chamber die casting machine injection molding machinery

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Company Profile

Jiangmen Zhenli Machinery Co., Ltd.
Located in Jiangsha Industrial District of Jiangmen City, China’s famous motorcycle production base, Jiangmen Zhenli Machinery Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, design, production, and after-sale services. Since its foundation in 2002,after a decade’s development and dedication, Zhenli has developed into a modern factory with imported CNC machining center, gantry milling, planer, grinder,and other advanced equipment. The main products of Zhenli include “ZL”series of hot chamber die casting machines, “ZLC”series of cold chamber die casting machines, servo die casting machines, real-time control die casting machines, magnesium alloy die casting machines, and peripherals,etc.

Why Choose Us

Adhering to the business philosophy of “Keeping Improvement and High Performance”and the faith of “Innovation and Integrity”, in pursuit of high quality,reliance and reputation, Zhenli always places more emphasis on the technology and management. Because of its advanced technology, high quality and effective management, Zhenli’s hot chamber as well
as cold chamber die casting machines have won the trust and love of our clients at home and abroad. Besides, our machines are widely applied in the sectors of toys, appliances, building materials and hardware, industrial parts, auto parts, electronics,etc.
In a word, our machines almost can satisfy all kinds of production of castings.Apart from professional equipment, a qualified R&Dteam,the stable performance and reliable quality of machines, Zhenli will provide excellent pre-sale and after-sale services, which makes Zhenli become a best-selling brand in the domestic and external market. So far, in addition to 30 provinces or cities in China, Zhenli’s die casting machines have been sold to more than 50 countries in Europe, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and so on.

Description for Electric & Hydraulic components
1. Siemens 200 control system with LED monitor(Germany).
2. Imported components are used for hydraulic units including YuKen (Japan), Rexroth(Germany) and Vickers (USA) to ensure the stability of hydraulic system.
3. Hydraulic Pump is from Vickers (USA).
4. Sealing members are from Trelleborg(Sweden)and Fluorten (Italy).
5. Posts and columns are purchased from General Taiwan.
6. Electric parts are purchased from France Schneider.
Standard Configuration
1. Double-toggle lock mould structure, high
strength spheroidal graphite iron casting plate.
2. Low pressure mold closing protection.
3. Mould adjustment device for gear train oil motor.
4. Concentrated automatic lubrication system.
5. Fast hydraulic ejector device and core pulling device.
4th level injection control system.
6. Independent piston 2-speed and pressure charging energy accumulator.
7. Hydraulic elevator sprue platform.
8. E-ruler control on mould opening and closing
9. Power saving high and low pressure twin pump hydraulic system.

Product Paramenters

Products Description

1. The nozzle, nozzle body, gooseneck and crucible are made of high-temperature hot working materials, which are durable and reliable.
2. The nozzle body and gooseneck are heated by electric heaters, which are safe and durable. Keep the temperature stable to avoid plugging the mouth and the production of defective products due to temperature changes.
The automatic centralized lubrication system directly sets the lubrication of the reaming operation times.
Using world brand (Yuken, Rexroth, Vickers) hydraulic components, stable and reliable work, long life.

The unique dual-proportional hydraulic integrated system adopts independent flow and pressure two sets of proportional valves, so that the speed and pressure of mold opening, mold clamping, thimble, and snapping can be adjusted at will.
Japanese electronic stove has stable firepower adjustment and high safety performance.
The water-cooled oil circuit cooler has high cooling efficiency and can maintain a specific oil temperature and viscosity to
ensure stable machine performance.

Manufacturing Technique

1.Maximum air injection speed≥5m/s.
2.Standard design, excellent performance, equipped with piston accumulator.
3.Adopt hydraulic gear mold adjustment mechanism, stable mold adjustment.
4.Using high rigidity design template and machine hinge.
5.The hinge is equipped with an automatic central lubrication system, which independently adjusts the lubrication cycle and oil volume, improves mechanical
life and operational reliability. The well-designed injection control system is suitable for high-quality die-casting.
6.Adopt a unique dual-proportional hydraulic system to save energy and improve production efficiency.
7.Unique express clamping system makes
production more efficient.

1. Hinge and clamping mechanism of double toggle machine, high-strength ductile iron template with CNC precision machining, strong and durable.
2. Anti-wear hard chrome high tensile alloy steel guide post, durable and reliable.
3. The low-pressure protection program ensures the safety of the mold.
4. High-precision electronic ruler position detection, precise control of the clamping stroke.
5. Automatic front and back movement tilt mold clamping system, fixed nozzle or off-mouth die casting can be selected.
6.Large mold capacity space, realize automatic adjustment of mold thickness. 7. Equipped with hydraulic automatic lifting mold base function, can choose center or offset shooting position 8. The computer cooperates with the oil circuit to realize four-stage mold locking to ensure the protection of the low pressure mold locking stage. Effectively protect templates and molds.

1. Piston-type accumulator and beam injection system are used to realize rapid filling, long life, stable use and convenient maintenance.
2.The unique new concept two-speed injection oil circuit design, in which the slow injection material adopts proportional control, and the speed can be adjusted by CNC, which is suitable for the production of all high-quality die castings.
3.The advanced injection system realizes stable and effective injection speed, and the air injection speed is above 5m/s.
4.The furnace adopts digital temperature control, and the temperature of the molten material can be accurately adjusted to maintain stable production and extend the life of hot work parts.



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