Product Overview


fiberglass texturized roving

Product Features

1.resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and climate change.
2.high strength, high modulus, low shrink, no deformation.
3.incombustible. heat insulation, heat preservation.
4.higher than working temperature, still keep residual strength.
5.corrosion resistance.
6.electrical insulation.


Product Description
Texturized Yarn is made by the bunch or bundle or roving continuous airflow through the high pressure after expansion, curled, twisted textured yarn information, with Tex stable, puffed uniform, etc., can replace the traditional asbestos products. Mainly used for weaving fabrics and industrial fabrics for special purposes.
Glass fibre texturized yarn is a newly-developed product made from E-glass fibre which is texturized through special instrument with high pressure air.
It is as high strength as continuous fibre and as bulky as staple fibre.

Characters: high temperature resistance (550°C),low thermal conductivity coefficient, anti-corrosion, high dust- accommodation and high filter ability and moreover it has no harm to human body, that is widely used in advanced countries.

Texturized yarn can be used not only as fiter cloth, decorative fabric and insulating fabric, but also as a good replacement to asbestos products.


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