Yokogawa DX2000 paperless recorder paperless temperature recorder paperless chart recorder

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Product Overview



DXAdvanced (DX1000/DX2000) represents the next-generation Daqstation with new enhancements to most functions.

 Yokogawa Paperless Recorders DXAdvanced® DX2000




  The DX1000 is a DAQSTATION that displays real-time measured data on a color LCD and saves data on a CompactFlash memory card (CF card). It can be hooked up to network via Ethernet, which enables to inform by Email and to monitor on Web site as well as to transfer files by using FTP. Also, it can communicate with Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP.


  It comes with a two, four, six-channel or twelve-channel model. As the input signal, a DC voltage, thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, or contact signal can be set to each channel. The data saved on a CF card can be converted by data conversion software to Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, or ASCII format file, facilitating processing on a PC. Not only this, the Viewer software allows a PC to display waveforms on its screen and to print out waveforms.



Basic Functions:

  • Up to 48 channels of input
  • Start/stop recording by batch, and create data files
  • Expandable to up to 348 channels with the MW100 automatic connection function
  • Internal memory increased to 400 MB
  • Enables control of calibration correction scheduling 
  • Automatically creates template-based Excel spreadsheets 


Display & Operation:

  • Arrange the display your way with a custom display function!
  • Review historical data with date and time calendar search function



  • Standard Ethernet interface
  • Supports the PROFIBUS-DP and EtherNet/IP protocols!
  • Expanded Web and networking functions!


  Reliability and Security

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with an advanced security function option 
  • Dust- and splash-proof front panel (IP65, NEMA4 compliant)
  • Highly reliable internal memory with error-correction function
  • Front panel door lock and login function


Suffix code
Optional code
DX2004  4 ch, 125 ms(Fast sampling mode: 25 ms)
DX2008  8 ch, 125 ms(Fast sampling mode: 25 ms)
DX2010  10 ch, 1 s(Fast sampling mode: 125 ms)
DX2020  20 ch, 1 s(Fast sampling mode: 125 ms)
DX2030  30 ch, 1 s(Fast sampling mode: 125 ms)
DX2040  40 ch, 1 s(Fast sampling mode: 125 ms)
DX2048  48 ch, 1 s(Fast sampling mode: 125 ms)
Internal memory -3 400 MB
External media            -4 CF card (with media)
Display language            -2 English, degF, DST(summer/winter time)
Options/A1Alarm output 2 points *1
/A2Alarm output 4 points *1 *12
/A3Alarm output 6 points *1
/A4Alarm output 12 points *1 *9 *12
/A5Alarm output 24 points *1 *2 *8 *12
/C2RS-232 interface *3
/C3RS-422/485 interface *3
/D5VGA output
/F1FAIL/Status output *2 *4 *9
/F2FAIL + Alarm output 22 points *1 *4 *8 *12
/H2Clamped input terminal (detachable)
/H5Desktop type (for /P1 model, without power code, screw type power terminal) *5
/H5[ ]Desktop type *6
/M1Mathematical functions *12
/N1Cu10, Cu25 RTD input/3 leg isolated RTD
/N23 leg isolated RTD *7
/N3Extended input type (PR40-20, Pt50, etc.)
/P124 VDC/AC power supply *5
/R1Remote control *12
/TPS424 VDC transmitter power supply (4 loops) *8
/TPS824 VDC transmitter power supply (8 loops) *8 *9 *12
/KB1Easy text entry (with input terminal) *10 *11
/KB2Easy text entry (without input terminal) *10
/USB1USB interface
/PM1Pulse input (including remote control and mathematical functions) *12
/CC1Calibration correction function
/MC1External input function *13
/BT2Multi-batch functions *14
/CP1PROFIBUS-DP functions *3
/AS1Advanced security functions (Part 11 compliant)



DX2048T-3-4-2/F1,    DX2048T-3-4-2/F2,    DX2048T-3-4-2/H2,   DX2048T-3-4-2/H5, DX2048T-3-4-2/M1,    DX2048T-3-4-2/N1,  DX2048T-3-4-2/N2,  DX2048T-3-4-2/N3, DX2048T-3-4-2/P1,     DX2048T-3-4-2/R1,    DX2048T-3-4-2/TPS4, DX2048T-3-4-2/TPS8, DX2048T-3-4-2/USB1,  DX2048T-3-4-2/PM1,   DX2048T-3-4-2/CC1,  DX2048T-3-4-2/MC1, DX2048T-3-4-2/BT2,    DX2048T-3-4-2/CP1,    DX2048T-3-4-2/AS1,



DX1004-3-4-2/A1,    DX1004-3-4-2/A2,     DX1004-3-4-2/A3,     DX1004-3-4-2/C2, DX1004-3-4-2/C3,     DX1004-3-4-2/F1,    DX1004-3-4-2/H2,      DX1004-3-4-2/H5, DX1004-3-4-2/M1,    DX1004-3-4-2/N1,     DX1004-3-4-2/N2,     DX1004-3-4-2/N3, DX1004-3-4-2/P1,    DX1004-3-4-2/R1,    DX1004-3-4-2/TPS2,    DX1004-3-4-2/TPS4, DX1004-3-4-2/USB1,   DX1004-3-4-2/PM1,   DX1004-3-4-2/CC1,  DX1004-3-4-2/BT2, DX1004-3-4-2/CP1,    DX1004-3-4-2/AS1,


DX1006-3-4-2/A1,    DX1006-3-4-2/A2,     DX1006-3-4-2/A3,     DX1006-3-4-2/C2, DX1006-3-4-2/C3,      DX1006-3-4-2/F1,     DX1006-3-4-2/H2,    DX1006-3-4-2/H5, DX1006-3-4-2/M1,    DX1006-3-4-2/N1,     DX1006-3-4-2/N2,     DX1006-3-4-2/N3, DX1006-3-4-2/P1,    DX1006-3-4-2/R1,     DX1006-3-4-2/TPS2,    DX1006-3-4-2/TPS4, DX1006-3-4-2/USB1,   DX1006-3-4-2/PM1,    DX1006-3-4-2/CC1,  DX1006-3-4-2/BT2, DX1006-3-4-2/CP1,      DX1006-3-4-2/AS1,


DX1012-3-4-2/A1,   DX1012-3-4-2/A2,     DX1012-3-4-2/A3,   DX1012-3-4-2/C2,    DX1012-3-4-2/C3,     DX1012-3-4-2/F1,       DX1012-3-4-2/H2       DX1012-3-4-2/H5, DX1012-3-4-2/M1,    DX1012-3-4-2/N1,      DX1012-3-4-2/N2,      DX1012-3-4-2/N3, DX1012-3-4-2/P1,    DX1012-3-4-2/R1,      DX1012-3-4-2/TPS2,     DX1012-3-4-2/TPS4, DX1012-3-4-2/USB1,     DX1012-3-4-2/PM1,      DX1012-3-4-2/CC1,     DX1012-3-4-2/BT2, DX1012-3-4-2/CP1,    DX1012-3-4-2/AS1,


DX1002-3-4-2/A1,     DX1002-3-4-2/A2,       DX1002-3-4-2/A3,     DX1002-3-4-2/C2, DX1002-3-4-2/C3,   DX1002-3-4-2/F1,   DX1002-3-4-2/H2,    DX1002-3-4-2/H5,     DX1002-3-4-2/M1 ,    DX1002-3-4-2/N1,    DX1002-3-4-2/N2,      DX1002-3-4-2/N3, DX1002-3-4-2/P1,     DX1002-3-4-2/R1,   DX1002-3-4-2/TPS2,   DX1002-3-4-2/TPS4,    DX1002-3-4-2/USB1,   DX1002-3-4-2/PM1,   DX1002-3-4-2/CC1,  DX1002-3-4-2/BT2, DX1002-3-4-2/CP1,      DX1002-3-4-2/AS1,



DX2004-3-4-2/A1,    DX2004-3-4-2/A2,     DX2004-3-4-2/A3,   DX2004-3-4-2/A4,   DX2004-3-4-2/A5,    DX2004-3-4-2/C2,    DX2004-3-4-2/C3,    DX2004-3-4-2/D5,   DX2004-3-4-2/F1,      DX2004-3-4-2/F2,     DX2004-3-4-2/H2,    DX2004-3-4-2/H5, DX2004-3-4-2/M1,      DX2004-3-4-2/N1,     DX2004-3-4-2/N2,     DX2004-3-4-2/N3, DX2004-3-4-2/P1,        DX2004-3-4-2/R1,    DX2004-3-4-2/TPS4,     DX2004-3-4-2/TPS8, DX2004-3-4-2/USB1,    DX2004-3-4-2/PM1,    DX2004-3-4-2/CC1,  DX2004-3-4-2/MC1, DX2004-3-4-2/BT2,      DX2004-3-4-2/CP1,      DX2004-3-4-2/AS1


















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