frp fiberglass fence grp fence glass fiber plastic fence

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Product Overview


Shengze is a leading and professional manufacturer of fiberglass products for over 20 years .Welcome to visit us !
What is FRP ?
About FRP

With our introduction of the world's advanced design & production technologies of the fiberglass composites industry,

Our FRP products quality are rating top in China;especially our fiberglass molded grating and pultruded structural

profiles are stronger.Meanwhile most of our products are independently tested by worldwide well known 

agencies with fire,physical,mechanical,electrical properties .


It is our mission to provide a variety of excellent fiberglass molded and pultruded gratings and fiberglass pultruded structural

profiles through our own technological know-how and hands-on experiences, acquired during many years of works.

Our FRP Pultruded Structural Profiles

During the pultrusion process, the raw materials are pulled through a heated steel forming die using a continuous

pulling device. When the reinforcements are saturated with the resin mixture in the resin bath and the wetted reinforcement

package is wrapped in a surfacing veil. The completed package then goes into a performer that roughly forms the package

into the appropriate shape to enter the heated die for curing.The die is the exact shape of the final part desired.


Upon exiting the die,the part is over 90% cured and solid.The length of the part required is pulled through the cutoff saw

 and the process is complete.


Product information


Glass fiber reinforced plastic security fence performance and features: 

1.corrosion resistance

no rust, no maintenance, long service life. 


2.lightweight, high strength

pultrusion process molding FRP profiles have high glass fiber content (60%), the one way than intensity and stiffness is

quite prominent, the density of glass fiber reinforced plastic is only about a quarter of the steel, light weight,very easy to

handle,so as to reduce the handling fee. 



high anti- fatigue strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation.



select highquality FRP pultrusion profiles, the service life of the product can reach more than 20 years, 

and in all the pultrusion FRP profiles were added in the formula of an-uv agent in order to get the best anti-uv effect. 


5.excellent electromagnetic performance

it has excellent electrical insulation, electrical, magnetic and electric spark can be used in risk conduction, 

sensitive to magnetic equipment area, and flammable and explosive place.



1)coated with prevent aging layer

2)excellent insulating performance

3)no maintenance

4)high strength

5)long service life

6)easy installaion


Application of FRP fence

power plants, substation equipment enclosures, antimagnetic, anti-static,to prevent small animals into the 

equipment failure, as there is electricity facilities and without power interval intervals. 

In high voltage electrical equipment for power line work, in order to prevent workers go wrong location,enter

charged interval or near electrically charged equipment to dangerous distance.  

Pool wai railings in sewage treatment industry 

Corrosive chemical industry equipment around the fence 

All kinds of building maintenance section



Packing and shipment





Company information

Shengze is a leadind and professional manufacturer of fiberglass product for over 20 years .


Our company specializes in producting fiberglass composite product by pultrusion,SMC,SMC molding,hand lay out and RTM

technology.Our annual capcity can reach to 8000 tons .


With decades of experience and performance based on excellent technology and dedication to the top quality standards in

manufacturing and customer satisfaction . Shengze ensures our solutions are the most innovative ones


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we sincerely welcome clients from home and abroad to visit and cooperate with us !


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