SCGO high speed HSK SE collet chucks/precision tool holder

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Product Overview


SCGO high speed HSK SE collet chucks/precision tool holder





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Why choose YASAM
1. Professional Commited to the Cutting tools market more than 11 years. With professional R&D team and more than 40 Chain stores in China. And also many distributors.
2. High quality 100% test every product. We design new products every year. All products are sold by our Chain stores first. Stable quality products will be sold to Distributors then Export them to other countries.
3.Customer services We have many non-standard products and we can also help customers design and produce non-standard products.
4. OEM services We have our own laser marking machine, can make the products with customers' LOGO easily.
5.Trusted Partner We are big company, offer good quality products and are responsible for all the prouducts that we sold.
6. Payment terms Telegraphic transfer(T/T), Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card and Escrow available




  This milling tool holder are designed to match our NEW SE collet 







Product Description



Advantage of SE collet:  High repeat positioning accuracy. So there are these conveniences when you use them.  

1.It reduces the time of testing runout tolerance after you change the cutting tools

2.The cutting tools can be used for a long time—because the high precision of the collet, When using multi-flute cutting tools, each flute can be used effectively  

3.High surface finish of the workpiece



SE collets are our new products, We applied for their patent SINCE Dec 23,2013 and We got the patent On July 9,2014. During this time, we tested many times of them and sold many to our regular customers in China(We have more than 50 sales offices in different cities of China).  Welcome foreign friends to use them to make the machine more efficient.



SE collets , we have 4 different clamping Nuts for them. The normal clamping nuts with Dynamic Balance can reach 25000rpm. Tool holder With round clamping nut can reach 30000rpm. So SE collet with our good quality tool holder can be used at high speed CNC machines.




SE Collet, we have these dimensions. Most of them are Metric Dimensions(mm), except--1/8" inch.




SE16 SE20 SE25 SE32
SE16-2.00 SE20-2.00 SE25-2.00 SE32-2.00
SE16-2.50 SE20-2.50 SE25-2.50 SE32-2.50
SE16-3.00 SE20-3.00 SE25-3.00 SE32-3.00
SE16-1/8" SE20-1/8" SE25-1/8" SE32-1/8"
SE16-3.50 SE20-3.50 SE25-3.50 SE32-3.50
SE16-4.00 SE20-4.00 SE25-4.00 SE32-4.00
SE16-4.50 SE20-4.50 SE25-4.50 SE32-4.50
SE16-5.00 SE20-5.00 SE25-5.00 SE32-5.00
SE16-5.50 SE20-5.50 SE25-5.50 SE32-5.50
SE16-6.00 SE20-6.00 SE25-6.00 SE32-6.00
SE16-6.50 SE20-6.50 SE25-6.50 SE32-6.50
SE16-7.00 SE20-7.00 SE25-7.00 SE32-7.00
SE16-7.50 SE20-7.50 SE25-7.50 SE32-7.50
SE16-8.00 SE20-8.00 SE25-8.00 SE32-8.00
SE16-8.50 SE20-8.50 SE25-8.50 SE32-8.50
SE16-9.00 SE20-9.00 SE25-9.00 SE32-9.00
SE16-9.50 SE20-9.50 SE25-9.50 SE32-9.50
SE16-10.00 SE20-10.00 SE25-10.00 SE32-10.00
  SE20-10.50 SE25-10.50 SE32-10.50
  SE20-11.00 SE25-11.00 SE32-11.00
  SE20-11.50 SE25-11.50 SE32-11.50
  SE20-12.00 SE25-12.00 SE32-12.00
    SE25-12.50 SE32-12.50
    SE25-13.00 SE32-13.00
    SE25-13.50 SE32-13.50
    SE25-14.00 SE32-14.00
    SE25-14.50 SE32-14.50
    SE25-15.00 SE32-15.00
    SE25-15.50 SE32-15.50
    SE25-16.00 SE32-16.00




                                                              A/AA/UP Grade





SE Collet:


A--  Run out tolerance at 4d distance(system tolerance) is 0.015mm


AA-- Run out tolerance at 4d distance(system tolerance) 0.01mm


UP-- Run out tolerance at 4d distance(system tolerance) 0.005mm






SE spring collet (4)



HSK 63A tool holder (4)



HSK 63A tool holder (7)



HSK 63A tool holder with SE collet (2)



HSK 63A tool holder (3)



SE collet and BT30 tool holder set (1)






Company Information



YASAM Cutting tools are professional supplier of CNC Cutting tools. We have more than 50 offices and agents in different cities of China. Our salesman contact end customers directly. And professional R&D team can continuously improve the tools. 

Haier,Midea,CHIGO,TCL.....are our customers.

With professional staffs and advanced machines. We ensure the excellence of our products in each process of production to fully meet customers' rigorous requirements.















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