NO Mac fuel saver Energy power saver for Diesel Vehicles

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Fuel Saver for Diesel Vehicles

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Introduction of fuel saver for diesel vehicles

Fuel saver for diesel vehicles is a high-tech environmentally products. The principle: to put the magnetized extreme pressure oxygen gas into the cylinder by air pressure of the high-pressure air pump, to increase the oxygen in the cylinder, increase gas density in the cylinder, and pressure ratios, so that the diesel can burn in a short time, at the same time, it can save fuel, remove coke, and reduce harmful gas emissions.

Applicable vehicles models:
Applicable to a variety of diesel vehicles that have pump devices

Five major functions:
1, High-low speed combustion 2 to remove coke 3, gaining momentum to 4, to improve the exhaust 5, Lower fuel consumption

Six characteristics:
1, Well-designed, well made
2, The fuel saver result is obvious: for pressurized vehicles, it can save 8% -15%, and  for other vehicles, it can save 10% -20%
3, To reduce emissions at more than 60%
4, It does not change the structure and properties of the vehicels, easy installation.
5, to protect the engine
6, 300,000 kilometers life

The installation location:
1, Fuel saver is installed in connecting pipe between the pump dryer and the air pressure meter, or installed connecting between the airbags. (Note: To find the same tube as fuel saver).
2, Connect outlet of the fuel saver to intake manifold of the engine (the closer to the engine the better).

The installation method:
1, Inlet connection:
(1) To find the corresponding connection tube, remove the pipe joints.
(2) Connect the tubes and the other end, connect inlet of the fuel saver with the connecting pipe.

2, Outlet connection:
Vacuum Tube at one end connected to the connection column of the fuel saver; the other end connected to Intakes screws of .the intake manifold of the engine .

3, The screw of the intake manifold connections:
(1) Find the nearest spare screws of the intake manifold near to engine, drain the original screws and replace a dedicated intake screws.
(2) If without spare screws, punch a hole on the rubber hose, connected by the special screw of "L"-type intake.

Debug method:
1, To start the motor
2, Confirmed the pressure of vehicle that is installed (or the safety pressure)
3, When the barometer is  1 pressures more than driving pressure (or the safety pressure), with the wrench to adjust the pressure regulator screws on the fuel saver, counter-clockwise rotation, hold the vent of the fuel saver, you will feel pressure there, that is ok.

4, Let the driver slam the brakes, when the barometer reach to set pressure, check the outlet of the fuel saver, , if there is no pressure out, debug is completed, if there is air pressure out ,need to be re-adjusted

5, Finally, tighten the nut on the screw of the fuel saver, tighten the air filter, fuel-saving device to connect fuel saver to the intake manifold of the vacuum tube, to find a suitable place to fix fuel saver.

 Post-installation testing methods and precautions:
1, Check whether the installed components connector leakage, testing method: Use a wet cloth with the soap, and painted in the pipe joint office to see if there are air bubbles appear, if bubbles appear, remove and wrap tape to re-compress, re-examination.
2, All the vacuum tubes should be fixed in the areas wiithout friction and prevent damage to vacuum tubes.
3, Fuel saver must be installed in the place to avoid rain.

Maintenance time and method:
1, According to the local dust in the air, regular maintenance the filter of fuel saver, generally, more than 10,000 kilometers, need to been washed once or replaced.
2, When cleaning , take the filter out of the fuel saver, twist open the filter,  inside the filter to dry it after washing out the sponge, then dry it, place it again,.



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