Product Overview


muti-color mini led decking kit stainless steel (SC-F103C)




1. IP67 protection against dust and moisture. Outdoor and Indoor use;

2. Energy saving (0.3W);

3. Extremely long lifespan;

4. Minimal heat development;

5. UV resistant materials;

6. Elengant profile, stylish;

7. Project specified colour solutions;

8. Able to support Max.100KG / 1000N.


Matching LED power supply: DC12V constant voltage LED power supply.




1. Hardwood Flooring;

2. Laminate;

3. Carpet;

4. Ceramic Tiles;

5. Natural Stone;

6. Quartz Flooring.



Stairlights_full.jpgtriffid_stair.jpg$(KGrHqRHJBwE-dspTE4EBP)g)q8kK!~~60_35.jpg F10323.jpgSC-F103 Inground Light 6-pack.jpg


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