Gree Air Source Heat Pump Versati II

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Gree Air Source Heat Pump Versati II 

Gree Air source heat pump for heating, cooling and water heating

 light commercial air conditioning with sanitary hot water


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It’s a kind of DC inverter multi-functional air to water heat pump that could not only supply domestic hot water, but also realize cooling or heating for residential use.

Versati is a multifunctional air to water heating system with inverter compressor and R410A refrigerant, it can highly satisfy the requirement of residential sanitary hot water and air conditioning by connection to water rank and chilled water fan coil units. Its range:  6kw, 8kw, 10kw, 12kw, 14kw, 16kw.




Gree Air Source Heat Pump Versati II

1.Power supply 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz
2.R410a, DC inverter, COP 4.5
3.Comfort and healthy

4.Wide capacity: 6kw, 8kw, 10kw, 12kw, 14kw, 16kw.




Specification ( Gree Air Source Heat Pump Versati II ):

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Model list tank.jpg




Main Features ( Gree Air Source Heat Pump Versati II ):


1. High Performance


  • Powerfull heating with twin-rotary DC inverte compressor

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  • High COP 

         2015-01-22 4.42.43.jpg

  • BLDC fan motor ensure wide range operation

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2. High Reliability

  • Top quality key components

         indoor unit parts.jpg   

  • Wide voltage range operation

             2015-01-22 2.41.12.jpg

  • Efficient and reliable fin design

             2015-01-22 4.51.38.jpg

  • Reliable refrigerant control           

            Inner-groove copper pipe enhance heat exchange performance

            Quality electronic expansion valve could be adjusted flexibly between 0~480steps, which make sure precision control 

  • Advanced water tank design

             2015-01-22 4.56.28.jpg

          1. Gree patent dual sensor design

          2. Water injesting buffering design

          3. Stainless double coil



3. Intelligent Control

  • Basic application diagram

          2015-01-22 5.07.44.jpg

  • Intelligent and powerful controller

             2015-01-22 5.12.59.jpg

  • Multiple air conditioning solution 

            four mode.jpg

    1. Heating / Cooling

    2. Water Heating

    3. Heating / Cooling with Water Heating

    4. Quick Water Heating

  • Intelligent operation mode

    1. Holiday mode

    2. Emergency mode

    3. Weather-dependent mode

    4. Silent mode

    5. Disinfection mode

    6. Forced operation mode


4. Eco-friendly


For more information about Gree Air Source Heat Pump Versati II, contact us freely !





What is VERSATI ?


VERSATI, a DC inverter multifunctional air to water heat pump adopting advanced heat pump technology, absorbs natural heat from the ambient air and then heats it for room heating. It not only satisfies room heating requirements but also supplies domestic hot water. Besides, VERSATI can also provide you a cool air in hot summer




 Eco-friendly --- Creat a Green World ?


VERSATI adopts R410A, a new eco-friendly refrigerant which is harmless to the atmosphere. Moreover, with advanced heat pump technology and powerful hardware, the efficiency of VERSATI has been improved, resulting in much lower CO2 discharge. It is an eco-friendly product.




VERSATI is All-in-One, choose VERSATI, and enjoy a comfortable life!



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