CUESOUL 2015 DRAGON Series Soft Tip Brass Dart Set, Good Selling Dart Set for sale

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Product Overview


 CUESOUL Brass Dart Set 

Product Description

CUESOUL Soft Tip Dart Set , Each Set includes
* 3 Brass Barrels,
* 6 PC Shafts,
* 6 Metallic Flights.
* Slim Box
* Blaster Pack with Card


BRASS DARTSare traditional darts thathave been in the line for a lot of years. They are the most popular darts before Tungsten Darts were in place. Even in these days, many players are still using them for competitions.With regard to this, we put great effort in making good brass darts. Our darts are of excellent quality, accurate weight and long-lasting.



Packaging & Shipping

 Each Set packed in slim box


Each Slim Box In the Blister Pack


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We Supply Best Products

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Company Information


----------------------------ABOUT  CUESOUL-------------------------------


Back in year 2000, when our creator, Mr. Kenny Chan was still a collage student, he started to work for a dartboard factory, the main supplier of some world famous brands. The is the period he learnt a lot about dart products and the entertainment market.


3 years later, in year 2003, Mr. Kenny started his own business, sourcing Magnetic letter sets, Dart products, billiard products for his customers. The more he sourced, the more he learnt about the product and the market. Then he decided to run his own company.


In year 2005, Winning Sports & Leisures Equipment Co., Ltd was founded. Kenny had the 1st peak periodof his business career. In those days, the company exports most kind of entertainment products such as billiard products, dart products, educational products, game tables, outdoor game products and even furnitures. 2 sales sold over $3,000,000 products to the world each year! And this success kept on until the economic crisis.


The Economic Crisis swept across the world in year 2008. The world purchasing ability dropped incredibly. Many of our customers stopped purchasing or even go bankruptcy. Kenny then held his step and started to think about the market all over again. And this is the 1st time he thought of launching his own brand. But it was not yet the time.


Soon after the stop, Internet bussiness came into his eyes. Winning sports joint Alibaba in year 2009, and started its step to the 2nd peak. We became a vendor of Target for outdoor products, supplier of some world-famous dart brands, coordinator of some well-know brands, help them with their promotion items. The small company with 2 sales only started to grow. The office people expended from 2 sales to around 8 employees. Time is coming…


On Apr 15th of year 2013, Kenny established his 2nd company, Xiamen Towin Trade Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, he started the preparation of his own brand, CUESOUL. We got 4 awesome designers in our team, equiped with 8 professional sales, move from the small office to a professional business building with a warehouse of over 800 square meters. Everything is ready now…


Apr. 1st, 2014 is the most remarkable day in our history ever. The great brand, CUESOUL was launched. As our first CUESOUL Design, Black Scorpion Soft tip darts were distributed and gaint great success. More thank 1000 sets were sold in few weeks. Dragons, Sward Shadow, Fighting Soul series that came later were also great successes. CUESOUL has now become one of the best selling product on line, with more than $200,000 sales value each month, and this keep going up. We are confident that after some years, by year 2018, our annual sales volume would exceed $10,000,000.


CUESOUL, won’t only be a brand, it stand for spirite of continuous struggle, instoppable fighting. It also mean a leasure lifestyle, bringing more fun to people all over the world. CUESOUL people will keep this in mind, distribute more and more creatings, bring more and more products to our customers, help them into the leisure lifestyle, the CUESOUL WORLD.

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