Popular 380V 5.6KW 720mm 725mm uv lamp ultraviolet light for screen printing machines

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Product Overview


Product Name: Popular 380V 5.6KW 620mm 720mm 725mm uv lamp ultraviolet light for screen printing machines




Products descriptions:



Mercury lamp are made of quartz glass tubing imported from Germany company OSRAM and American GE company. The uv mercury lamp output UV spectrum is 350-450nm,the main wave is 365nm,Life span 1200 hours;Potassium lamp(exposing lamp) output UV spectrum is 315-450nm,main wave is 420nm,Life span  900 hours;Metal halide lamp output UV spectrum is 365-420nm,both have strong energy,Life span 800 hours.




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Application area:


such as UV ink, UV glue, UV painting, UV coating etc.

Other industries like paper glazing, printing circuit board, decoration, wooden floor and flexible packaging, color printing, electrons, glassed, furniture and etc.

Various UV lamp is available in stock.








Products character:


1 High quality and stable performance.

2 The average lifetime is more than 800 hours.

3 Quick start with KR85 inside the lamp

4 Machine work instead of hands

5 Accept OEM order just give us OAL,Volts,Amps,Leads,Cap end,Diameter!







30x300  (9kw920) 950V - _











1)the lamp effective spectrum is from 350nm to 450nm. the main wave is 365nm. the life is about 1200hrs.


 2)we can accept your oem order just provide your parameter in details


3)introduction full set of advanced equipment of advanced equipment,abandon the traditional manual operataion,complete variety and specifications


4)exclusive latest technology and the lamps filled with unclear isotope Kr85,working is quicker.


5)have over ten years experience of produce lamps.


6)high quality,can replace most of the imported products


7)we supply products to some famous factory,for example:Foxconm.








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