Demonstration of the conversion of fuel cell car (proton membrane exchange) energy hydrogen generator

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Demonstration of the conversion of fuel cell car (proton membrane exchange) energy  Hydrogen energy electric car, Hydrogen gas system electricity generator ,hydrogen generator for electricity,hydrogen powered electricity


The fuel cell is used for the two fuel cell of the platinum carbon electrode.
Injection needle used for hydrogen storage type gas tank into pure water or distilled water to the water, and then use the 3V common battery charging on the fuel cell, by electrolysis of water, water is electrolyzed into hydrogen and oxygen. Stay in the hydrogen storage tank in about 2cm, can be disengaged from the electrolytic cell, connected car hydrogen and oxygen generator. Open the power switch or diode seconds, switch on the trolley car moving, you can see the diode light or the moving car.
The hydrogen fuel cell car in the whole process of the experiment, only add pure water, and use two batteries, simple and safe operation, the results were interesting, can be used to attract children interested in hydrogen generation, then understand this new type of clean energy.
The car with a battery box and a small fan, used as a charging power supply and external electrical (the distributor according to the actual delivery).
Note: 1, do not use ordinary water, so as not to pollute the fuel cell, resulting in damage to the fuel cell;
2, the water storage tank should be disengaged from the central air plug, can not avoid water, in the water after the completion of rotary gas plug;
3, the electrolysis should be observed when the fuel cell reaction window is full of water, to avoid dry burn, damage to the fuel cell;
4, the electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen should be paid attention to, avoid the air over the water overflow tank overflow tank, wetting the experimental site, or water dry gas run;
5, should understand that the hydrogen is explosive, although there are water separated, still has a certain risk, should avoid contact with the fire source.



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