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Product Overview



Packaging & Shipping

Bubble bag, standard export carton


 We can ship pro scooters and scooter parts to you  by air ,by sea from China.

And we can ship pro scooters and scooter parts  to you from USA, too . As we have a warehouse and an office in USA .


Product Description

 Scooter forks have developed a lot since the original Razor forks which often bent due to stresses and impacts that scootering causes to the components.


Pro scooter forks come in two major categories: threaded and threadless . Threaded forks are mostly found on entry level scooters. Threadless pro scooter forks are most popular because of light weight and large choice of good quality headsets and compression systems .


Nowdays ,including  TOP 10 brand pro scooters:1,MGP scooters;2,District scooters;3,Lucky scooters;4,Phoenix scooters;5,Grit scooters;6,Envy scooters;7,Sacrifice scooters;8,Crisp scooters;9,Razor scooters;10,Blunt scooters , most brand scooters started to use aluminum threadless forks instead of threaded steel forks. Aluminum threadless forks are the same strong as steel threaded steel forks , but more convenient , less lightweight than steel threaded forks .


Rayland has more than 10 years of CNC precision machining experience . And we make the best use of precision CNC machining advantages . Our aluminum threadless forks are manufactured by 4 axis CNC milling centers .

Pro Scooter Fork Machined by 4 Axis CNC Milling Center.JPG


Rayland has more than 100s set CNC  lathes and CNC milling centers .And we have rich experience in precision CNC machining . So, we can offer the high quality pro scooter forks with the moste competitive prices .



Pro scooter forks details are as below:

MOQ 1 pcs is available, can ship from USA
Category Scooter Parts
Type Scooter Forks
Brand Rayland Scooters
Material Aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T6
Weight 0.55lbs (0.25 kg),extruding axle & spacers
Suits SCS,ICS &HIC compression system
Fits 100 mm & 110 mm scooter wheels
Includes Axle and spacers
Feature 1 strong 1 pcs construction
Feature 2 Threadless forks
Feature 3 Super strong but lightweight
Feature 4 Fits all threadless headset
Feature 5 Fits all normal size bars
Feature 6 Laser etching your logo available
Fork Processing Technique CNC Machining 
Color any color as per your requirement
Certificate CE,EN14619,SGS
Package Standard Export Package
Delivery Time 3-45 Days
OEM OEM Service Available


Our Services

 We are able to you any questions within 24 hours .


And we have a warehouse and an office in USA. 

We can ship pro scooters and scooter parts to you from USA.


Company Information

 1,Rayland Factory Gate

Rayland Factory Gate.JPG

 2,Pro scooter deck material

scooter deck raw material.jpg

3,CNC machined scooter deck

CNC machined scooter deck.jpg

4,CNCMilling scooter forks

CNC milling scooter fork.jpg

5,The customer is visiting CNC machining workshop

The customer is visiting workshop.jpg


6,Inspecting scooter deckInspecting scooter deck.jpg


7,Inspecting scooter bar

Inspecting scooter bar.jpg

8,Testing the scooter wheels abrasion resistance

Scooter Wheels Abrasion  Resistance.jpg


9,Testing the complete pro scooters with 210 kg weight

Testing pro scooters with 210kg weight .JPG


10,Tony and the customer are reviewing pro scooter decks .

Tony and the customer are reviewing pro scooters.jpg


11,Pro Scooters Warehouse

Pro Scooters Warehouse .jpg

12,Loading pro scooters

Loading the goods.jpg



13,Tony and his team (Research,Production and sales team)

Tony and his team.JPG




























































































Rayland Pro Scooters Warranty


If you buy Rayland pro scooter , you must wonder to know  these issues :


1.Can you get quality guarantee ? 

2.How do you get these quality guarantee ?


Rayland pro scooters are designed for freestyle scootering .


Scootering is an extreme sport and riders are constantly trying to develop their skill level which is great for the progression of the sport. Unfortunately due to this the products will get damaged due to normal use ,crashes or bails from tricks in skate parks and on the street as new and more advanced tricks are learned and practiced.


It is also the reason why we have different scooters offering different specifications  for different intended uses be it beginner, intermediate of advanced, these can be seen in our site: .


At Rayland we are proud of our products . We are a factory in China. We are specialized in manufacturing pro scooters and scooter parts .Also , we have an office and a warehouse in Richmond, USA. So, we are able to provide a warranty against manufacturers defects for up to 90 days from the point of purchase and for the original owner only .


It does not cover wheels or headset bearings , chips, scratches, chunking ,flat spots, bending,snapping ,cracking or damage of parts that are a result of any normal use .


Warranty Request


In the event of a situation requiring a warranty we ask that you contact Rayland Pro Scooters after-sales office through the warranty submission form below . We shall work with you to determine the best solution possible , providing replacement parts if necessary-we cant offer any cash refunds .To quality under warranty , you must be the original owner, provide proof of purchase (email receipt is fine) and provide a photo of the damaged part . In addition to this the product must have been maintained properly and not have modified in anyway .


The act of scootering is an extreme sport and puts the user in danger of serious injury , we recommend  that your use the correct protection and keep your scooter well maintained by a suitably qualified technician .


Crash Replacement


We do stand behind our products and recognize the aggressive nature of the sport and that failure can occur regardless of whether it is through manufacturing defects or through normal use, abuse ,misuse or even as a result of a crash . For situations such as these we offer a half price crash replacement for items less than a year old . To qualify for a crash replacement you must be the original owner and hold the original proof of purchase . In the event of a crash replacement request please email to us  with your original proof of purchase , images of both the damaged parts, your complete scooter and an explanation of why you need a replacement. Crash replacements do not cover chips, scratches ,chunking ,flat spots or damage of parts that are a result of any normal use .


Last but not least , for our wholesaler or agents , if your terminal customer have warranty request or need crash replacement , please operate as per the above-mentioned scheme. We can offer the same after-sales service . Or lets talk about more details before you place orders with us .













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