WEDM HF Card Programming and Controlling System ISA Connection for Wire Cutting Machine

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Product Overview


HF ISA Card Computer Control System   




Product Description



  • Usage: Wire cutting machine

  • Window: Win98

  • System: V7.03

  • Packing: One piece card with softdog

  • High quality

  • Competitive price

  • Good reputation


HF system key features:


  • Four shaft linkage control, fluctuation abnormity surface processing; The drawing type automatic programming; Process programmable; Have AUOTCAD, AUTOP data interface;

  • Process track, processing data real-time tracking display; Memory power, power recovery processing; Two different types of processing CARDS allow the user to choose any;

  • Two kinds of different processing methods allow the user to extremely easy individuality choice and expand processing object; Processing control stable and reliable; Easy to use, friendly interface;

  • PC software and control card that combined use of control is the future development direction of wire-cutting processing top.



HF system programming convenient, powerful:


HF system provides a good operation platform, can satisfy all aspects of the extensive personnel of the requirements of the programming, characteristics as follows:


(1) with two different attribute the geometrical element auxiliary line (point, line, circle) and track (linear and circular arc). And overcome the that only one kind of attribute must use "scissors", make the programming more quickly.




(2) the powerful and AUTO CAD exchange graphic ability, HF can read any R13, R14, AUTOCAD2000, AUTOCAD2012 series and higher version DXF graphics.




(3) bring CAD fonts and HGD fonts (the different font international word stock), can relaxed processing of Chinese and western characters.




(4) bring rich common curve library and formula curve processing functions, such as contains gradually open gear (change gear, and a small module gear, spline tooth, rack, etc.), cycloid gears sprocket teeth, dividing, CAM and CAM curve of non-circular section. Curve for formula, can handle general formula curve, can deal with type curve is formula.




(5) convenient figure piece of transformation function and practical measurement and etc. Function.




(6) data storage unlimited, visible with the files down; And has repeatedly cut and other more versatility.




(7) TAC cutting automatically suspended and many times since defined delay time, TA1 cutting first lap times completed automatically suspended function.




(8) auxiliary set you data backup, USB drive installation, even antivirus function all available rooms.




(9) better software function and the whole processing.



Packaging & Shipping



Delivery wayTNT, EMS, UPS, FED, DHL, Air transport, Sea Transport are available.We will choose the fastest, cheapest and safest shipment way for your 0.18mm edm wire cutting machine.


Advantages & Disadvantages:

• Express delivery: 4-6days, wide coverage area (volume & weight restricted)

• Sea transport: cheap, volume unlimited (long sailing time, influenced by climate)

• Air transport: 4-6days, simple packing (expensive, volume restricted)




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  We are manufacturer with 16 years' experience, supplying all kinds of wire cutting materials to different customers. And we also want to offer you what you need, so please let me have the opportunity if you need the moly wire, pulley, carbide, water panel, pipe guide, resin, tubes and motors. 





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