Высококачественный парогенератор для Домашней Сауны и душа для ванной комнаты

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Product Overview


High Quality Home Sauna Shower Steam Generator For Bathroom


Features     Rated Power4.5KW ~ 18KW
Voltage220V ~ 240V / 380V ~ 415V
Frequency50 ~ 60HZ
Controller135T Digital display controller
Housing MaterialSS#201 stainless steel housing
Heating Elements materialStainless Steel 316 with UL Certificate
Standard FunctionsWater tank materialStainless Steel SUS304
Auto water inletWater get into the tank automatically
Auto drainingDrain out water automatically after steam shower
Auto flushingFlush water tank automatically, to reduce water scale
Auto power offPowered off automatically
Overheat protectionStop heating elements instead of stop the relays, much safer
Time setting1-8Hour
Temperature setting25~55℃
Standard ConfigurationsSS#201 stainless steel scaseLong Lifetime Durable In Use
Touch screen control panelThe controller is installed outside the steam room
Stainless Steel 304 Steam nozzleDurable, Mute .Beautiful
Big diameter auto draining valveDrain out hard water and lime scale, extend service life
Optional Functions & EquipmentsAroma pumpAromatherapy, two ways pumps
Descaling pumpClean water scale by pouring cleaning solution into water tank automatically
Water softenerPrevent metals into the water tank
Halo  GeneratorBenefit for health by breathing the salt spray



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FAQ(wet steam)

1 What’s the difference between a Steambath and Sauna bath ?
            First, both steam and sauna systems provide similar benefits for your mental and physical well-being. The difference between a steambath and a sauna is basically “wet heat” versus “dry heat”.Sauna room temperatures may actually be higher, but you may “feel the heat” more by adding steam.It really comes down to personal preference. Diooist steam bath system, however, can generally be more easily integrated into an existing bathroom or new home plan at lower cost.

2 Are there any restrictions on using steambath or saunabath?
          Yes. Doctors consider “steam and sauna” generally healthy to use, but people suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant women and the elderly who are not in good health should not take a steambath or saunabath without consulting a physician. Women who are pregnant should also consult their physician before use.

3 I have very hard water. Is there anything that I need to do to protect my steam unit?
         You may want to consider a whole house water treatment system if the water quality is a concern.The Diooist steam generator can operate in conjunction with a water softener. It is important to realize that good water is a condition which is desirable for drinking as well as protecting the plumbing systems,decorative hardware, faucets and glass from the negative effects of hard water. An automatic drain is also available but not required for the generator.


4 Is it available to use essential oil in steam bath room?
        Yes, you can drip two drops fragrance oil in the steam head's slot, it will bring you wonderful feeling,but remember! Do not drip oil into steam head because it may cause burn, Note: the steam temperature is 212 ° F, so cannot make the steam head upward in such hot condition. Fragrance oil are extracted from herbs, flowers, fruits, and trees, it has a role to promote the excitement and relaxation, aromatherapy treatment including different effecting, such as breathing relaxed, reduce anxiety, stress and fatigue, relieve headache.please consult your doctor before use aromatherapy, especially for pregnant women, the elderly, who have high blood pressure,diabetes, heart disease, alcoholism and poor health may not allow to enjoy aromatic steam bath.

5. Where the controller should be installed?
       Controller should be installed outside of the steam room, but convenient to operate from the high 1.5 to 1.6 meter, its location as far as possible away from the steam head.


6 Where the location of the steam head should be installed?

       Steam head should be higher than the ground or tub bottom 12 "from any corner 6" far, the nozzle should be as far away as possible from specific bathing place (standing or sitting).

7 What is your payment terms?
      Paypal/West union/TT, 30% as deposit, the rest balance before shipping. 100% in advance for sample order.


8 What about maintenance?

     The user should clean the water level detector frequently under professional technical people’s advice.


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