Tourmaline far- infrared Spontaneous thermal fabric anti infrared fabric

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Tourmaline  far- infrared    Spontaneous thermal fabric anti infrared fabric




Advanced flannel fabric applied
High-performance infrared
Release anion
Permanent magnet 

On the basis of the far-infrared health care fiber and evenly into the magnetic particles. the fabric the fabric have far infrared health care and health protection double function, to reinforce the role and function of health care products, is an upgraded version of far infrared health care products. Permanent magnetic particle material evenly into the fibers and organic unifies in together, so the friction, kneading, magnetic particles don't fall off, the permanent type products. This is a commonly used coating, hang a dye, paste such as health care products are incomparable. So products easy catharsis, rub resistance, convenient, ruled out the problem of magnetic therapy products washing clean. The principle of the magnetic health care function of the fabrics is: in magnetic fiber evenly lined with particles containing permanent magnet material, so the fabric surface there is N and S pole magnetic field. These magnetic particles produced by the magnetic field lines formed by N to the S pole magnetic circuit. Those close to the fabric edge innumerable magnetic material produce many of the N, S magnetic circuit and magnetic launch out.




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